Thursday, February 4, 2010

BB Senshi Exia Part 1

How I miss FG Exia ^^;

The first individual Exia kit to be done under my All Exia Project is this BB Senshi version. ^^

Looks so nice when it's fully painted, ...

... but the straight assembled version shown on the box art ... ... (Plenty of sweat drops)
The two shields are noticeably plain to the highest level ^^;

All three runners excluding the polycap set. Color distribution is very "exciting" ^^;

The first non-BB Senshi Sangokuden release during its time, Bandai is clearly experimenting the design of that series on "normal" Gundam with a bit of its own gimmicks. By normal Gundam I mean MSs that appeared in anime or other channels that has a normal scale version. The significance is, the design for such MSs must follow the actual mecha setting as seen on the normal scale version. The BB Senshi Sangokuden series however, has no such "restriction". That's why we get to see the armors of the different characters are interchangeable. Also, there are plenty of sockets here and there on a BB Senshi Sangokuden model, which allow for plenty of playability with parts and weapons from other characters.

Is the "transfer of technology" successful? Not quite in my opinion. The removable GN Drive may be a cool gimmick, but there are too many features being scarified in the process. The major issue for me is with the color distribution of the parts:

* No yellow at all. Even the secondary pair of V-fin on the body is in white. No sticker provided for them too.
* The sideburns are molded entirely in white, even though the 1/60 scale version can have separate parts for the yellow verniers while the size of the head is much smaller than this BB Senshi version

Other points to rant about as follow ^^;

Totally blue GN Short and Long Blade, and the two shields. Plenty of elevation behind the shields as well. Painting them is going to be quite a challenge.

The whole body block is made of two parts and is entirely blue. The deformed shape produces many narrow slits, which will make my experience for the same part on the FG version seems so memorable ^^;

Very hard to reach spots for the elbows as they are fixed >_<
And tons of tiny-biny spots to paint for the legs ^^;

The cheek needs to be painted in gray (could have been in separate parts like 00 Gundam), and yellow for the chest V Fin

Beam saber and dagger need to be painted, but they are more for a minor concern as compared to the others.

And of course, there are plus points to this model as well (else there won't be any reason at all for me to buy it in the place right? XD).

Separable front skirt armors. Just like the HG version, the joints in the middle allows you to snap the two parts off conveniently, but to be really safe, I will cut it instead ^^;

Very clear engraving of the word "GUNDAM" on the forehead. Only appeared once - in the first episode of Season One I think, but it's being molded nicely nonetheless.

Parts for the GN Drive molded in clear green, as with the GN Condensers on the head as well. The GN Drive comes with a part that allows you to change from normal to Trans-Am Mode. Just for the chest though.

The base for the GN Drive on the back has the vernier molded in white. Amazingly, out of the 5 (1/60, 1/100, HG 1/144 and FG and BB Senshi), only the 1/60 and this BB Senshi versions have that part molded in white. The other three are in blue.

Cutting out all the parts:

The GN Sword has been panel-lined under my All Exia Project.

Just 5 paper boxes required to store everything. ^^

On the other hand, with the start on BB Senshi Exia, I'll return to work on those GN Swords which bugged me all this while.

An extension to my All Exia Project. ^^


Anonymous said...

erm NK how do u get a perfect white coat wif gundam marker on a part? its so light that it can be seen thru...and if its too think the details are *GONE*...

Evaritus Lau said...

Same goes to my BB 00 Gundam. ^^"

Plenty of smaller details need to be painted..

I like to see how bro do this kit, to fire up my passion toward BB 00 Gundam. ^^;

@Anon multiple layers of white would do the trick, my white marker also like that. Shake well & paint more.

Anonymous said...

yea painted more but it got so damn thick...

Sam Lysne said...

I've done this kit, there was a lot to be painted if you really want it to look accurate. But it's a fun one. Next up I've got the 00 Raiser and 0 Gundam to do!

Anonymous said...

i did the 0 gundam n the R2 too ^^ the paint so thick... but my 00 raiser was a paint job fail it looks ugly..

cabellism said...

well really you dont really need to apply the gundam marker white to thick.. all you really need is a bit of spray can primer white or grey. just two lite coats of that and it will do the trick. plus with the primer on you'll use less gundam marker paint/model kit paint

Anonymous said...

yea but u know there isnt any hobby shops in my area and if i were to buy primer i would hab to go to the hobby shops in other places [since there isnt any here] and its gonna be exp...

Q said...

Haha NK it's good that you will decide to go back on the GN Swords. If I can do it, so can you! ^^