Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The All Exia Project Final Plus Part 5 [Final]

Peaceful sleep at last

The last step to finish off all my GN Swords is this:

Top coat all the parts to protect the silver paint from being rubbed or scratched off from future handling.

Not sure about other brands, but this one from Mr. Hobby (same brand as the paint I used to paint the swords in Part 3) seems to the most commonly used one I've seen in other reviews.

I chose Flat/Matt type so that I can get the particle-like effect on the surface of the part after applying the top coat. Gloss is not a bad choice either, if you want these 1/100 and 1/144 scale versions to match with the plated GN Sword from MG Exia Ignition Mode. ^^ I already got the silver portion on the GN Swords done, and it's protection for the paint that is what I want with the top coat, so whether or not they are as shiny as the Ignition Mode isn't that important to me.

And the top coat really worked great! ^^

Before top coat

After top coat

The silver remains pretty much the same, but the gray portion gets a real finishing upgrade. ^^;

I followed the "standard" method in applying the top coat:
- spray approximately 30cm away from the part.
- fast sweep, no tortoise drag
- 20 minutes between the first and second layer and done.

The effect of the applying top coat is very clear to see actually.

As the end of BB Senshi Exia's GN Sword was held with a clip when I applied the top coat, there's one small portion of it which is not covered with top coat, and the effect is there for you to see.

Since that "missed" portion is going to be inside the sword's holder under the shield when it's assembled, I figured that it won't affect the overall look. Same with the HG 1/144 scale version as well.

Comparison with the HCM-Pro, MSIA and Robot Damashii versions:

My favorite would be the HCM-Pro version, which has the best paint combination between the gray fuller and silver blade in my opinion. The later is shiny but not as glossy as the Robot Damashii version, which I think has an overdid paint job for the entire sword. ^^; As you can see, the ones I painted are in overall much darker tone than the action figure versions. That's fine with me.

Returning the swords to their owners, and the next time I see them again, they are to be assembled. ^^

Kon kai wa an shin desu! ^^ Peaceful sleep without having to dream about being stabbed to death by unfinished GN Swords at last XD

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