Monday, February 15, 2010

A Walk in Singapore Part 2

The traditional and the new

My journey in Singapore continues from Part 1. ^^

So many many many people at Bencoolen Street ^^

Can you spot the car among the pedestrians?

Product demonstrations at various stalls. Must be a really tiring task - standing, talking, operating the product, catching the audience's attention. Folks learning how the do public speaking and debating should come and get some inspiration. ^^

Old school clothes stall. ^^

More people and street view at Bencoolen Street. ^^

Then, crossing the street and walked into:

Stop 4: Bugis Street

A small marquee of Bugis Street. Nth take to get the full name. ^^;

Mega durian stall right in front of Bugis Street. ^^

The building of Iluma at Bugis, which was my next stop after Bugis Street can be spotted.

Ero-ero shops at Bugis Street ^^

Kamen Rider Doraemon protecting Bugis Street XD

I visited Bugis Street in my previous trip to Singapore 5 years ago as well. The feel is just the same this time round. ^^ Plenty of clothes and souvenirs to proof that you have visited Singapore are available here, but if your parents and friends told you before the trip, "Don't bring home those keychains and T-Shirts souvenir thing anymore." Then you'll have some extended time walking inside Bugis Street. ^^; Else, Bugis Street is quite a nice place to walk around. ^^

And then, walking into a place with really cool design. ^^

Stop 5: Iluma at Bugis

Honeycomb design for the wall of the building

An overhead bridge connecting Iluma and Bugis Junction was under construction when I was visiting the place. I believe it's all completed now.

Ceiling at Iluma, outside and inside the building.
If you have the ability to defy gravity, the ceiling would be a super-large scale mini 4WD arena. ^^

Another Comic Connection spotted after the one in Tiong Bahru Plaza mentioned yesterday.

Another hobby store spotted at Iluma: Otaku House

Miyuki-san who objected being in this trip missed me too much and came to Singapore as well. XD

An arsenal of weapons for cosplay ^^

This is Empire State, which looks like a child playground/fun zone from the banner ...

... but is actually a food court. ^^

Japanese restaurant promoted by anime girl ... ^^

... and really awesome Japanese theme deco on the roof as well. ^^

Even more UFO machines in Iluma

views from higher level

Moving to the highest shopping level, workers from a game house were decorating Doraemon and Pikachu for Halloween.
Devil Doraemon and Mummy Pikachu looked more suitable for April Fool instead XD

A garden and a restaurant (I think) on the building top of Iluma.
Many couples romancing at the park, so I didn't strike many photos there. I might ended up being accused for being a spy for that. ^^;

View of the city from the top of the building.

A very long escalator leading to the top of the building.
There's no air conditioning on the top level, so you get all the air con from inside the building rushing up to fight the hot air above. The entire escalator feels like a wind tunnel. ^^

Iluma is for youngsters. That's my conclusion about the place after walking around. ^^ With that said, I didn't plan to stay there for long, but I ended wandering inside Iluma for about an hour or so before continuing with my walk, for the air-con mainly. ^^

Not as much coverage as yesterday as you can see in this posting, that's because the next part of my write-up covers more random places, which are not exactly suitable to be broken up and put in here.

As a matter of fact, Part 3: into Bugis Junction and more is going to be the last part of my walk that Saturday. ^^

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Chris said...

Oh, when I saw Iluma 2 years ago, it wasn't completed.

Never thought there would be interesting things to see there too.

lol on the Kamen Rider Doraemon.