Monday, February 22, 2010

1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit Part 12 [Final]

Sturdiness wins

What should I say, "Business resumes as usual after the Chinese New Year holidays?" ^^ The last part of my very long-dragging review on SV-51γ Nora's Unit ^^

Action poses in Battroid mode with the display base.

Actually the figure can stand very well without the base, much sturdier than the Gerwalk mode that is, as long as you can balance the it properly.

The alternate form of the Battroid mode, with one missile and one micro missile pod/fuel tank combo attached to each wing.

The magazine of the Gunpod can be attached to the side of either legs.

Holding the Gunpod with two hands, no problem at all. ^^

This is the first Macross unit I have from Yamato's 1/60 Complete Transformation series, and it most certainly doesn't disappoint. ^^ Not a very new release anymore, but still, the details, painting, transformation gimmick, articulation and display base are all superbly done. I kept my expectation pretty high for this action figure when I first bought it, mainly because the many positive reviews on other releases from the same series I read on other websites.

The other reason is of course due to the hefty price I paid for it. ^^;

Apart from being the most versatile form for action poses, I think sturdiness is the most outstanding feature of the Battroid Mode. Once adjusted, the arms and legs can stay in their positions firmly. That's pretty impressive in my opinion since the figure is very large in size, and is quite heavy at the same time, but the arms and legs are pretty long and slender, so the joints that support them aren't that big. Somehow Yamato pulled it off, and the finished result is great. I have transform the figure a few times already, and everything is just as fine. ^^

The only thing which bothers me is no option hand unit included for the action figure. You only get the pair straight from the transformation. While this keeps to the title of "Complete Transformation" faithfully, they are not the best hand design at all. ^^; When clutched, the index finger of either hand is poking out because it was designed to rest on the trigger of the Gunpod in the first place. No beautiful at all. ^^;

Finally, some special features for you. ^^

Details of the face - picture taken with Flash on. SV-51γ either has one eye, or four, I'm not very sure. ^^;

Comparison with Skygrasper from PG Strike Rouge.

In 1/60 scale, the fighters may vary in size, but the human figures should be of pretty much the same size. But ... ^^;

Nora seems to be a Meltrandi when compared to both Cagalli and Mwu La Fllaga. ^^;

Which company made the mistake in the scale of the pilot figures? XD Did Yamato purposely made the figures larger for the convenience of painting the figure in the first place? The exact opposite for Bandai as well maybe?

Anyway, it's doesn't affect the working of SV-51γ (or PG Skygrasper), just a trivia I find pretty interesting.

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