Sunday, February 7, 2010

The All Exia Project Final Plus Part 1

Why? You never watch SEED Destiny before?

Will leave the work progress on BB Senshi Exia at Part 3 at the moment to return to work on the GN Swords of the many Exia plamos I have. But in before that even, I'm going to work on the generic parts of 1/100 Exia Roll Out Color ver., which arrived in my Exia collection the last. It's armed with a GN Sword to be painted like the other Exias, and for that, I might as well work on the other common parts too.

The whole project isn't that synchronized anymore, but it's fine. ^^;

Just the color variation of the original 1/100 Exia, so all the runners are exactly the same. Parts to be treated are of course the same as the first 1/100 Exia I have as well.

Parts involved are of the feet, front skirt armor, waist, shield, backpack, thigh, chest ring, upper arm, forearm, head, and of course, GN Sword.

Unlike the Trans-Am mode ver., the GN Stripes of this Roll Out Color ver. are of the same color as the original version, so the ones on the head are going to be painted in the same color as well.

All the parts to be treated.

Clear parts are painted with green highlighter.

Comparison with the already painted parts from 1/100 Exia:

As you can see, the gray color of the parts is of much lighter shade than the paint from Gundam Marker. So no chance of 偷工减料 - skipping any work there ^^;

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Q said...

Haha no 偷工减料 ^^; btw looking forward to see you going back to the GN Swords!