Saturday, February 13, 2010

The All Exia Project Final Plus Part 4

Nonstandard method I believe

Not really that free before Chinese New Year at the moment, so the time to write up on my personal review is pretty limited as well. ^^; My apologies on that.

I gave quite a bit of time for the paint to dry, but the paint is extremely fast to dry actually. On the same night when I was painting the swords, I just left the paint to dry for about 20 minuted before applying another layer. No problem there really. ^^

As mentioned in Part 3, it's time to deal with the messy paint job on the GN Swords. I'm using my own method you have seen multiple times on this blog - scratch the paint away with an pen knife, which is not exactly the standard way to deal with this kind of paint, but it's the method I'm most used to.

Last minute work on the Roll-Out Color Ver. not shown in the previous posting. ^^;

Not exactly a hard task actually, since I've been using this method on many kits in the past. From experience with various parts of different sizes, working on these 6 parts doesn't feel much different from the others anyway.

Comparison with HCM-Pro Exia's GN Sword (leftmost).

Well, that pretty much concludes this part of the work on my All Exia Project. The next bit of work would be the last part (very very last part of the entire project as well), and the easiest too. ^^

In before that, storing all the swords in their boxes first.

1/100 Exia, Avalanche Exia - are the same part anyway, as with the Roll-Out Color Ver.

1/100 Astraea, 1/144 Exia

BB Senshi Exia

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