Friday, April 23, 2010

RAH Chunli Part 2

Medicom Toy's awesome quality

More images of Medicom Toy's RAH 12" Chunli in this review.

Her "ox horns" are made of hard plastic, as with the ribbons, which only move a tiny bit at the base. The golden patterns on the edge of the buns and at the end of the ribbons are very nicely painted.

Her dress is made of real fabric, with the golden emblem being printed on it.

The waist wrap she wears, which is also made of real fabric, has the pattern of waves and a dragon designed onto it. Can be detached by tearing the sticky patch.

Her pantyhose is made of real fabric, and is of different type than her dress and waist wrap.

Would be nice if the designer painted the exposing screw on her ankle in white as well. ^^;

Product information printed beneath the boots.

Medicom Toy must be really confident in the character's popularity to sell this figure. They didn't bother to treat the ugly parting lines and leftover particles which are so obvious near both her elbows. ^^;

It would be so nice if Medicom Toy treated the mentioned spots on the elbows. Somehow I feel like the finished work is pretty rough to be released in this way, even though her face sculpture and paint details are superb. So, maybe I can say that the awesomeness of this figure can be found on two ends: most awesome face design for Chunli, and at the same time, most "awesome" quality control for the arms that beat even the puny HCM-Pro action figure from Bandai. ^^;

Also, Chunli's thighs are really huge, just like how I remember her from the game XD For having that feature so loyally portrayed on this figure, Medicom Toy, I salute thee. ^^

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