Thursday, April 1, 2010

Transformers Alternity Convoy Super Black Ver. Part 1

Kicking start Action Figure April

A new month comes a new theme. ^^ Last month it was Moe - figurines and action figures of female character; this month it's robots and other mecha action figures. ^^

The pilot posting under this theme would be Takara Tomy's Transformers Alternity Convoy featuring Nissan GT-R Super Black Ver., which I got last year together with Nendoroid Miyuki.

Strictly speaking, this is still the first release in the Alternity series, as it's basically a repainted Convoy. The first two versions which were released simultaneously were Vibrant Red and Ultimate Metal Silver. The names pretty much depict their colors, very faithfully too. ^^

My first choice was the Ultimate Metal Silver Ver. actually, because the silver paint effect was insanely attractive. And apparently, everyone feels the same as well, it was out of stock within days it came out. >_< Folks who snailed a bit in making up their mind in getting it, like me, is left with nothing at all. >_<

I didn't feel too bad about not being able to get Convoy Ultimate Metal Silver Ver. when this Super Black Ver. was announced. Black and cyan seems like a very refreshing color combination for Convoy, so I aimed for it instead. That's how I got the boss. ^^

First impression regarding this Transformers figure: surprisingly heavy for its size. ^^ The box is just as small, smaller than that of a Figma really. It's pretty amazing how a very complicated transformation gimmick is implemented on such a small figure. ^^

Also, while he is in black and with red eyes (which is a more important point), he is still Convoy, not Nemesis Convoy.

As depicted by the Autobots' insignia on the waist.

As opposed to Binal-Tech Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10, the packaging is all plastic for Alternity Convoy, including the box and wrapper.

Also comes with a manual and a paper tray.

I don't believe the paper tray is meant to be display pedestal to display the car like that from Binal-Tech Convoy. It's probably there just to set the background inside the box. ^^;

Very compact and precise plastic tray encapsulating the car. ^^

One side of the manual is about the transformation sequence. The other side has Convoy's lineart with part introduction.

The wings (doors) over the shoulders are too small as compared to the actual transformation XD

Very American-styled comic featuring the duel between Convoy Super Black Ver. and Megatron Blue Ver., with the later completely defeated.

Unboxing the car.

More images of the vehicle mode in the next review. ^^


Chris said...'s "latter", not "later".

(online dictionary) Latter: Being the second of two persons or things mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Fictionally, the character actually IS Nemesis Prime: specifically, he's the same Nemesis Prime that was released during the "Universe" line of repaint toys, a black/teal/tan recolour of the Japanese Big Convoy mold (woolly mammoth).

Might come as a surprise to some, because that version of Nemesis Prime was exclusive to the United States, and was only sold in "Target" stores. But the guy who writes the stories for Takara's fan-targeted toylines, Hifumi Ichikawa, is a total TF fiction geek, and likes to make references to very obscure bits of fiction, American or Japanese alike.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to mention though, that the Alternity version of Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime is supposed to be a good guy, though (as he's got the Autobot insignia, like you pointed out), reformed from his Decepticon ways. He acts for the side of justice, but he's still cold and ruthless.

Sam Lysne said...

Didn't he reform after getting a beat down from RiD Omega Prime during the Universe conflict? Anyway, awesome figure. I totally want to get one.