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Transformers Alternity Convoy Super Black Ver. Part 6 [Final]

The bigger (isn't always) the better

For this last part of my review on Transformers Alternity Convoy, I'll compare it with another Convoy with very similar release version - Binal-Tech Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10 mentioned a few times in previous reviews on this Transformers figure.

The two are of similar release version as both of them features real cars as their vehicle mode, with emphasis on the details; both version originated from Japan and both has extensive amount of metal built into them.

So which one is better? Well, I suppose if you have been following the review up till now, you would know my pick as the better one among the two already, ^^; but let's put them side by side and make a straight comparison.

The Binal-Tech has paper box packaging, but Alternity uses a box completely made of plastic.

Each follows the style of its series I suppose. Many releases in the Binal-Tech series like Prowl, Meister and Arcee are pretty small, but still come in paper boxes.

Binal-Tech Convoy is 1.5 times bigger than his Alternity self.
I think Alternity is smaller than Binal-Tech in terms of scale, but I'm not really sure about that.

Alternity Convoy does have better design in concealing its robot parts beneath the car. ^^

Vehicle mode or robot mode, Binal-Tech is dominating in terms of size.

The amount of details is disproportionate to the size when it comes to these two. ^^
Binal-Tech Convoy seems a lot simpler now as compared to when I first got him. ^^;

Comparison with Gunpla - smaller than an average MG, but bigger than an average HG.

The most amazing part of the whole figure: a huge metal frame beneath the car that transforms into the interior of the body.

Transforming Convoy back into its vehicle mode is less troublesome as compared to the first transformation, but the sequence for the leg is still very confusing.

Alternity Convoy is a really fine Transformers figure. Great details in both vehicle and robot mode; great posability as well, since the feet design gives it plenty of support, intentionally or unintentionally. ^^; And I really like the huge metal frame built beneath the car too. That sense of heaviness is a real pleasure to hold. ^^

I think you can still get this Super Black version if you're interested. But if you're looking for the earlier Vibrant Red or Ultimate Metal Silver ver., you can forget it. ^^; They were sold out before you have the chance to regret about it; same with Megatron featuring Nissan Fairlady Z Silver ver. from the same series. That's how hot they are in the market. I'm not into Bumblebee and the upcoming Starscream as I'm not really a fan of both characters and the car models of their vehicle mode.

Come to think of it, unless I can get my hands on Megatron Silver ver., I suppose Convoy would be the one and only figure for me from the Alternity line. ^^

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