Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Transformers Alternity Convoy Super Black Ver. Part 5

No waist? No problem!

Today we'll see Alternity Convoy in action ^^

Alternity Convoy's weapon is just a pair of twin cannon mounted on his forearm, or behind the seat if you will. To deploy them, just flip the cannon out from their compartment.

The articulation range of Convoy is quite good, very good for a Transformers action figure actually I would think. ^^ A combination of peg, hinge and ball joints are incorporated for the head and shoulder, elbow and knee, wrist and feet respectively. As you would expect from the transformation of the waist mentioned 2 days ago, that part doesn't move at all. ^^; But that doesn't matter really, Convoy's hip joint allows him to have very wide articulation for the legs, and together with the shoulder and arm, he's capable of performing many poses.

Then again, Convoy's greatest strength in terms of articulation, is the ability of his feet to sustain various poses. The ankle doesn't move much even though it's on ball joint thanks to the parts behind the leg. That may be a weakness for some, but together with two other supporting parts on each leg, Convoy stands as firmly as firm can be. ^^ As it turns out, the immobile ankle joint and the two supporting parts are very helpful in sustaining his many action poses as well.

Poses like these:

Standing on one leg, no problem. ^^

Kneeling? Not exactly, the pose is still being supported by just one leg.

So apart from looks, Alternity Convoy have some superior design for its articulation for those who are looking for action in this Transformers figure.

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Unknown said...

tempting. the more i see, the more I want >_<!! must hold many gunpla coming out...tempting*