Friday, April 16, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 7

Master Grade happy painting III

Moving on to another work in progress review on my MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, and almost all of the sudden, tons of paint job again after the weapons. ^^;

The parts are from the Core Fighter this time, and the main color needed is yellow.

Yellow for the verniers on the Core Fighter's tails (?), the verniers on the body, and interior of the main thrusters; gray for the edges of the canopy; white for the pilot.

The yellow parts on the Core Fighter's tails and the verniers on the body are pretty easy to paint, since they are on white surface color.

The result from the painting, with panel lines.

The interior of the thrusters aren't very easy to paint, since they have black surface color and are hard for the marker's tip to reach.
Painted in multiple layers with a toothpick they were.

Same case and treatment method as the thrusters for pilot figure, which is actually half a figure ^^;
Painting the edge of the canopy on gray is not a big deal. ^^

Result of the painted thrusters and pilot figure, plus more parts selected for painting in the next review. ^^

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