Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 11

Many parts, but not much work

Moving on with a little bit more progress on my MG Crossbone Full Cloth this time, working on the body and the two arms.

All the parts of the body.
Thanks to the Core Fighter system, a whole chunk of the body's inner frame can't be separated from the armor for such a small-sized MG. So the panel-lining work is a lot less than other MG kits.

Bandai's not so clever part separation in MG Crossbone Ver. Ka allows the Ver. Ka skull for the chest to be carried forward to this kit.
I thank them for this bonus feature really ^^

Comparison between the two versions of skull for the chest.
I'd definitely pick Ver. Ka's design for its realism and details over the more manga-like version of Crossbone Full Cloth.

Painted the circled area on the chest armor in gray using Gundam Marker to distinguish between that part as the mecha frame and the body armor in dark blue.

Shown with the Core Fighter.

All the parts of the body are panel-lined.

These few parts are the ones with most details, which are really nothing when compared to the likes of MG F91 and Destiny Gundam. ^^;

Parts for the left arm.

The head and tail of the knuckle armor are to be painted according to the color shown in the manual.

repeat for the other arm
Panel-lined the armors and the inner frame parts of the arms.
I only did the work of one arm, because the work for the other one was already done when I worked on Gundam F91.

With the work on the body and arms done, I have but two major components left unfinished for this MG - the cloth armors and the head. The work won't be too hard I believe. Done with all the parts for Crossbone Full Cloth, I'm hoping to start assembling MG F91 or BB Senshi Exia. ^^

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