Monday, April 26, 2010

RAH Chunli Part 4

Spinning Bird Kick!!

Time to see what RAH 12" Chunli can do. ^^

Kneeling or sitting is not a problem at all for the figure. She was designed to mimic human action in the first place.

The display stand.
Two clips are included, a larger one that can be used on the waist directly. The smaller one can be used to hold on to other parts of the body, like her leg.

Spinning Bird Kick! ^^
It's something I didn't do for my Revoltech S.F.O. Chun-li.

I used to think that two option hand units were a bit stingy of Medicom Toy to include for this figure, but it turns out that nothing is really missed. ^^ The super flexible articulation design of the figure itself is enough to produce many nice action poses.

I like the the display stand being in clear color. It's not really visible in many poses with the stand, so one can really focus on the action instead. However, there's one thing which I don't really like about it. I'll talk about it in the next review, which will be the last one for RAH Chun-li. ^^

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