Saturday, April 24, 2010

RAH Chunli Part 3

Dangerproof action features

The articulation and design features of Medicom Toy's RAH 12" Chunli in this review.

A ball type joint is incorporated for the neck I think. The head can turn freely.

Two point hinge joint for the elbow, plus another one for the wrist for very human-like articulation of the arm.

There is sponge (?) inside the shoulder section of Chunli's Cheongsam I think. It will always remain "spongy" ^^

Chunli's signature bracelets with spikes are made of soft runner. You can't possibly get hurt from them at all. XD

There are metal strings inside the edges of the front and rear skirts, so you can adjust their shape for more dramatic appearance in certain poses, and they will stay in that form. ^^

Sticky patch on her dress and waist wrap (mentioned yesterday). The cut follows the real Cheongsam exactly. ^^ The entire dress can be removed can be removed I think, but I will not do that for worries of damaging it.

Despite her really huge thighs, articulation of the legs are plain awesome. ^^
The ankle joints are pretty tight and are strong enough to support many poses.

Part swapping for the two open palm type option hand units. Very long stick-shaped peg joints make sure that the hand units don't pop off easily.

Details of the fingernails.

Done with the introduction on the features, it's time for Chunli to go into combat action. ^^

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