Saturday, April 3, 2010

Transformers Alternity Convoy Super Black Ver. Part 2

Super high level class details

The vehicle mode of Transformers Alternity Convoy.

As one can expect from the Binal-Tech lineage, the details are unbelievable. ^^ It's even more impressive when the size is smaller than the Binal-Tech series, at least between this Alternity Convoy and Binal-Tech Convoy featuring Dodge Ram I have. It's probably not easy to detect as a Transformers figure from the vehicle mode.

More than meets the eyes. ^^

The knees at the bottom of the car are the only parts giving away the color of cyan on Convoy in vehicle mode.

Both doors can be opened.

Details inside the car ^^

Bonnet can be opened, revealing the "engine". There are details to be seen beneath the bonnet as well.

Transformation to robot mode in the next review. ^^

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