Thursday, April 8, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 5

I cheat you not!

Back to a bit of Gunpla with the work on MG Crossbone Full Cloth.

Parts for the weapons are all done in Part 4, time to move on to some other components of the model, starting with the legs.

The identical parts between the two legs first.

Bottom of the shoes seems somewhat plain after looking at what I did to the same parts of MG F91. ^^;

The "sunken" spots are painted in gray (Gundam Marker) to show that they are part of the inner frame.

Hydraulic pipe sets painted in gold (Gundam Marker) and silver (normal oil-based marker).

Tiny pipes inside the knee joints, also painted in gold and silver but with just pens instead.

Other hydraulic pipes, static ones spotted near the ankle and on the side of the thigh's inner frame.

The ones for the thigh are rather easy to paint, done just by using Gundam Marker Gold and Silver.

The larger ones near the ankle are much harder to paint as it is curvy and is connected to the leg itself.
To avoid excessive paint spillover, the edges are painted with a normal pen first, followed by Gundam Marker for the wider area.

The silver portion, being so narrow and situated so deep inside the part is too difficult to paint. ^^;
I'll just use a substitute for this job.

Cut a tiny stripe from the foil sticker, which has plenty of silver to be used. ^^

Stick the stripe to the silver portion of the hydraulic pipe and wrap it around it. Just like that. ^^
Shiny result guaranteed. No paint spillover. ^^

Panel-lined all the legs' inner frame.


Not as many details as the legs of other MGs, probably because most of the parts are from Crossbone Ver. Ka, and the Ver. Ka series don't feature much inner frame details for its members (Except for Ball, as the inner frame details are used as selling point instead the rather racking articulation). So the work this time is much faster. ^^


Joe said...

I may have to disagree with that last bit there... the MG Wing Zero Custom and Wing Ver. Ka. have quite a large amount of detail on the inner frame ~_^.

Awesome work and the idea for that little sliver of silver (say that three times fast) was very resourceful.

Q said...

Good to see the return of your bling bling hydraulic pipes again ^^ Good use of the foil sticker for the tiny parts. Still looks not easy to stick it on such small surface though :o

Billy said...

Good idea,cut some tiny stripe from the foil sticker to be the substitute of silver.never used that skill before.XD

Busterbeam said...

pipe work is amazing as usual! love that!

Chris said...

Sangokuden gold is really nice. o.O