Thursday, May 6, 2010

MG F91 Part 21

Size versus details

This review will be able to show how much the technologies behind the design of Gunplas has improved since the question made by Dengeki Hobby years ago, regarding the possibility of seeing smaller sized MSs getting their MG treatment. ^^

Parts for the arms. Since the parts are really small, I display both arms here, instead of individual component as seen in previous reviews on other Gunplas.

The major separable components for the arms.

Articulation of the completed arms.

Comparison with Nu Gundam's arms. Just the same size. ^^

Parts for the right leg.


Details of the various painted parts.

A unique feature of MG F91's knee joint - a very loose clip connecting the thigh to the knee, plus a "container" that slides in between the two components.
While the joints are strong, it doesn't feel like the clip can really hold the connection well. ^^;

Bending the knee joint.

The front portion of the foot can be bent for better connection with the surface it's standing on.
And workable hydraulic pipes. ^^

Comparison with Nu Gundam's leg. Just the same height too. ^^

Repeat the same work for the other leg.

Both legs completed.

Another look at the articulation.

Parts for the waist.

I suppose the designer didn't really expect people to separate the inner frame parts and the armor for the skirt, so there are plenty of details beneath them, but none of the surface.

Comparison with Nu Gundam's waist. Not very clear there, but F91 does has a somewhat larger waist component.

Fitting both legs onto the completed waist.

Comparison with Nu Gundam. The same height again. ^^

Parts for the torso.

Painted parts - gold and silver hydraulic pipes and gray chest vernier.

The pilot figure and cockpit.

Last look at the painted cockpit? ^^;

The main trunk of the body.

Shoulder blocks with the VSBR's rail.

The completed torso.

Comparison with Nu Gundam - F91's is much larger.

Bringing in the arms and VSBRs to complete the upper body.

Only the head remains now. ^^

Comparison with Nu Gundam.

I suppose everyone would have predicted that Bandai would eventually release smaller sized MSs like F91 years ago, but I bet no one would be able to imagine the details possible when compared to its size. ^^ It's going to be very exciting to see what is installed for the upcoming Real Grade 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2. ^^

Assembling the head in the next review. ^^

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