Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MG F91 Part 26

What big eyes you have

Returning to my MG F91, which I haven't finish reviewing before Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010. ^^; All attention was diverted to my main blog during the event and I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted for Ex. ^^;

After the completion of the whole model in the previous review, let's see what he can do. ^^

Perfect kneeling action.

Standing on one leg is no problem for the ABS joints to handle. ^^

Very beautifully made beam shield - it's almost totally clear near the connector, so you can see the details on the forearm through it.

Good thing the handle of the beam launcher is movable, otherwise carrying it would be even harder. ^^;

Dual-weapon F91.

As always, the beam saber would have to be the easiest weapon to wield. ^^

Double beam saber with face open mode activated.

Until you put another bigger MG next to him, F91 looks really awesome in his various action poses. The ABS frame is pretty tough, not to mention the model itself is pretty small-sized, so there's absolutely no problem in holding the poses you adjust for him, though I'm quite aware that ABS parts turning and grinding on each other will eventually wear them out.

One little annoying thing about the model is the design of the head. You have to remove the helmet to lift the mask, which is not an issue for me at all. However, because the helmet is removable, it would always move whenever I adjust the head. You can see from some of the pictures above, where F91's eyes appear to be "popping out" from the head. ^^; That's because the helmet isn't positioned correctly. I have to check on that each time after I adjust the head's position, but I would always forget about that anyway, and F91 would looks pretty strange because of that. ^^;

More action poses featuring F91 in the next review.

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G.G. said...

Quite a set of nice poses for the F91. Pretty articulate.

Quite surprise about the helmet being a bit lose, it is truly a first time to hear that about a MG kit. Usually they are quite sturdy unless modded for painting purposes.

Overall, this is a nice kit.