Saturday, May 8, 2010

MG F91 Part 22

Skinny thigh at your service

The completion of MG F91's full inner frame in this review. ^^

All the parts for head. Some foil stickers are required there.

Eyes are foil sticker.

Face open gimmick requires the upper part to be removed first before the mask can be adjusted from the back of the head to the front, or the other way round.

The head is completed, with the conventional Gundam face.
Should have painted the top portion of the clear part meant for the eyes in black completely, now the red color from the chin can be through it. ^^;

Comparison with Nu Gundam's head. Just the same size again, minus the helmet. ^^

A complete inner frame for such a small MG. ^^
Except for the skirt armors, there are plenty of mecha details to be seen on the frame's exterior.

Zooming in to the various components.

All parts for the frame that are meant for articulation are made of ABS hard plastic, they sturdy enough to support the model's action poses in this state.

Super thin thigh as you can see. ^^

Articulation for the VSBR.

Without the chest and shoulder armors in the way, the shoulder joints can swing all the way to the front.

Can fold the arms across the chest perfectly. ^^

Perfect kneeling too. ^^

You don't call it Master Grade for nothing eh? ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, the thigh connects to the knee joint via a loose clip. It doesn't seem very strong when I assembled it, so I wasn't too surprised (or disappointed) when the legs would slide off from the thigh occasionally when I was posing the model. That's indeed a rather weak point of this model, I may have to expect that on my MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth as well, since the design of that component is inherited from F91.


Anonymous said...

hi, im a fellow gundam collector, i always visit your blog for references on what to buy. as i see in some reviews in the mg f91, there are no polycaps included, resulting in stiff and later very loose joints. can i change those parts for polycaps? im planning to buy this kit for its perfect details.a reply is much appreciated. thanks.

Ngee Khiong said...

No. there's no straightforward method to so that. You would have to modify all those parts to suit the polycaps, then modify the connectors to suit the polycaps - basically creating your own new parts for all the joints.

Unknown said...

If I am remembering correctly when you put the thigh armor on it locks the frame together much better. Also when they released the crossbone they improved the part that slides over the knee joint so it is not so loose.

Evaritus Lau said...

Fully detailed F91 ! Wow, don't think I have enough patient to do that wor...

Eh why bro didn't cut out the eyes from the foil sticker instead ?