Monday, May 10, 2010

MG F91 Part 24

Armor on Part II

Completing the entire model in this review.

Parts for shoulder armors

The heat radiating fins, which gave me quite a bit of trouble painting back in November last year.

The shoulder armors are completed.

Much bigger as compared to HGUC Nu Gundam's shoulder armors.
As a matter of fact, F91's shoulder armors are much bigger proportionately to its body when compared to many other MSs.

Many parts for body.

Two layers of parts for the backpack thrusters.

The painted chest piece isn't visible anymore when the cage is being put on. ^^;

The cockpit hatch.

Comparison with Nu Gundam.

Assembled with the shoulder armors, arms and VSBR to complete the upper body.

And with the lower body on.

Comparison with Nu Gundam. Exactly the same height. ^^

Parts for the head.

No sticker included for the targeting sensor behind the head, but you can cut a bit from the leftover for that purpose.

The face and the helmet can be separated easily, making the change of modes for the face a lot less troublesome.

And this is how the completed head looks like.

Comparison with Nu Gundam's head.

Face change

A completed Gundam F91 without any hand held weapon.

And the more complete version with the beam rifle and beam launcher attached.

Applying the dry transfer decal of "F" and "91" onto the right and left shoulder armors respectively.

More images of this completed MG F91 in the next review.

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