Saturday, May 22, 2010

MG F91 Part 28 [Final]

Beauty from certain angle

Action poses of MG F91 on the display base for this review.

The combination of MG F91 and the display base does look pretty cool in my opinion. Since the base is designed after Mobile Armor Rafflesia, it's not "just another" generic display base that other models are also using.

Then again, if one is seriously thinking of recreating the final combat scene between the Gundam and Mobile Armor Rafflesia, I don't think the display base would do much justice to the latter, since it's pretty small in size (as compared to the actual MA), with just 4 puny tentacles attacking. ^^; It would look good when you are taking the photos from above Gundam F91, then the size of the display base would look somewhat deceiving (in a cool way).

And of course, when we are talking about about MG F91, we are talking about its size. ^^ A comparison with a few other kits:

MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW

HGUC Rick Dias

FG Gundam Exia

HG 1/144 Tieren Ground Type

MG Gundam Unicorn

Shorter, and proportionally smaller than most MG kits, and those shown in the images are Gundam-type MGs, I bet the comparison would look even weirder when Acguy, Gelgoog and Sazabi are featured. ^^ That's one feature that facinates me about F91 actually. A complete inner frame for such a small kit, where the chest and backpack thrusters features not two, but three layers of details. There are very thin parts like the shoulder fins and mask that fit perfectly. For something released a couple of years back, the awesomeness is really beyond words.

Feels like taking out my MG Victory Gundam Ver. Ka and build it right away to experience the complete transformation gimmick incorporated for an even smaller MG than this. ^^

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Anonymous said...

You do NOT want to build victory!

Elozt E. Elric said...

It's good for victory, but take your time, Victory is a complete issue here :x

aZurEUS said...

Agree with Anonymous..Victory = EPIC FAIL