Friday, May 28, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 8

Destroying the symmetry

Moving on to the wing binder part of Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 this time.

Parts for the wing binders.
The "body" or compartment for the wing shown on the left has left/right separation, but the red edges and the actual wings share identical parts between both sides.

Parts for the body are panel-lined first.
I did each set separately to avoid mixing up parts.

Parts with the *cough* most
*cough* details for each binder.
I looked at these two parts, and then on similar ones from MG Infinite Justice, and felt the urgent sense of despair.

Red parts for the wing are panel-lined as well.

The signal light portion on the edge of each wing is to be painted to show their function.

For extra shininess, a layer of silver (Gundam Marker) is painted over that part first.

Painted those two parts using Metallic Blue and Green from the BB Senshi Sangokuden set.
The effect isn't exactly that awesome as I expected because I didn't really shake the markers well enough after such a long time of not using them. The paint is somewhat "watery". ^^;

Very much like the interior of the tail stabilizer in Part 4, the base of the tail binder is painted in gray to show that there's a separate mecha component inside.

Panel-lined the base after the paint has dried.
Not that easy as there's one protruding connector right in the middle.

Just panel-lining for the other parts of the tail stabilizer.

Will be returning to work on the legs now. Only the common parts between left and right legs were done in Part 3, it's time to treat the other parts.


Nomake Wan said...

Ngee, I believe the traditional port/starboard signal indicator colors are red and green, not blue and green. ^^;

Chris said...

Why did you look at similar parts from Infinite Justice and felt despair? Less details on Zeta?