Saturday, May 29, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 9

I'm really loving it now ^^

Taking out the many parts of the legs after Part 3 to panel-line those with inner frame details. The work should be easy since I have no plan of painting any more parts from the legs - I don't see the need for that after the previous work.

And it's almost unbelievable just how easy things turn out to be. ^^

All parts for both legs, to be done separately.

Parts already panel-lined and painted
in Part 3.

Inter frame parts that are panel-lined.

Panel-lining of the armor is only done on the exterior, with the exception of the ankle guard, since the details may still be seen when it's lifted in certain poses.

Simple details under the shoes.

Isn't it great to have this kind of MG kit? ^^ The details are elaborate and beautiful, but are equally easy to work on as well. There are some parts to be painted, but the work isn't too hard to spoil the fun. I'm really enjoying this kit right now, which is why you get to see it everyday XD

9 parts of the review so far and I'm approaching the end of the entire work with just the head left. Back in F91's case, I was just starting to paint the waist in Part 9. ^^;

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