Saturday, May 29, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 10

And... That's all. ^^

Last component to work on for Zeta Ver. 2.0 before the actual assembly: the head.

All parts for the head.

It's great that the twin Vulcan on the side of the cheek is molded separately from the helmet for the ease of panel-lining, but I chose to paint the base in gray so that this particular part won't look too awkward when the inner frame of the head is shown.

Panel-lining for the head's interior, mask and helmet.

Well, that's pretty much all for the work on MG Zeta Ver. 2.0. Super fast as compared to MG F91 and Crossbone Full Cloth eh? ^^

Will be working on something else next. ^^


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy you effort into add into fine detail, and find to be very insightful that you'll do that, and inspire to do the same to my MG

Stefan said...

Nice work as always. You make it look easy, but I'm sure such detail work is tough.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your site for a while, and it's quite amazing what you do with these kits. If time permits, can you do a beginner's tutorial of some sort? I've recently gotten back into gunpla, and using a highlighter to colour clear parts is easily one of the best pro tips I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I really like that you put so much effort into MG, that is something more people should understand the qualities that MG provides.