Thursday, May 27, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 7

I like Emma Sheen ^^

Painting the 1/100 figures included in this MG this time.

There are a total of 3 figures included: pilot figure (Kamille), standing figure (Emma Sheen) and a mechanic crew member of Argama.

Thank goodness Normal Suits during the UC Era have such simple design that makes painting and panel-lining them to be so much easier (unlike those from Gundam SEED or SEED Destiny ^^;), and thank goodness all of them are molded in white, so technically, Emma Sheen is the only figure that needs to be painted among the three. ^^

The 3 figures to be painted.

Painted Emma completely in yellow (Gundam Marker) first.
You can see that I panel-lined her feet first before painting the figure. That is for a clear border between the figure and the base to minimize on excess paint.

Panel-lined the figure when the paint has dried.

Painted the, backpack, part of her leg and the helmet in gray (Gundam Marker), plus light blue for the visor of the helmet (normal pen).

Panel-lined Kamille and the mechanic first.
Obviously a delicate work that calls for the service of Sakura Micron 0.05. ^^

Painted gray on various parts of the two figures (Gundam Marker), plus the red portion for the mechanic crew member's signal flashlight (normal permanent marker).
The glossy effect of the normal marker working pretty well there. ^^

The goggles of Kamille and the crew member's helmets are painted in light blue, the same color and pen used on Emma Sheen's visor.

Done for all the 3 figures.

Things really worked out smoothly so far for the work on MG Zeta Ver. 2.0. ^^ I really like the idea of having small display stand for the standing figures. They are essential in supporting the figures to stand, which is pretty much the only thing these accessories do. ^^; I have many 1/100 figures from both older and newer MGs that can't stand properly no matter how hard I try to pose them. Very annoying fellows they are. ^^; I'm thinking of making little display bases for them myself using pla plates. It's no good if you paint them well yet they can't be displayed properly.

Also, those little display base can be very useful in providing some space for your tweezers to grip on them for better painting experience.


Unknown said...

your lining work is amazing! i cant get over it. id love to see what pens you're using.

Q said...

Maybe this will get me to motivate to work on my 1/144 scale crew members and soldiers that I got from various gunpla and military collectibles... lol ^^;