Friday, May 21, 2010

MG F91 Part 27

The ancestor

More action poses featuring MG F91.

While the design is great, it's also quite annoying to see how the beam shield keeps on hitting the shoulder armors, which are also pretty huge in size in various poses. ^^;

The Face Open mode does seem very thin when you look at it closely.

The ancestor of huge cannons deployed beneath the arms ^^

The VSBR can be extended to show the handle that F91 can gran on like a normal rifle.

The ancestor of multiple beam cannons firing together as well? ^^

Plenty of ways on how to pose the VSBR.

To mount the model to the display stand, there's one part near the rear skirt armor is to be removed. I usually just keep that part off the model for convenience of using the stand.

The removed part can be stored beneath the display base.

More images of F91 on the display base in the next review, which will be the last one for this kit.


L said...

Make sure you do the "I'M GONNA SHOOT J00R FACE" pose lol~

Anonymous said...

rmb to pull out the side fins ! u forgot to pull them out when face open mode.. lol