Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buy Happily, Play Happily

买得开心, 玩得开心

The old blog is no more, but I'm still feeling a bit of the emptiness left by the absence of that blog. The old habit of wanting to post the news and images on something I read is still around. ^^;

And thank you very much for all the supportive messages, comments and emails what flooded in after the announcement of the closing of the blog. I seriously have no idea that my blog had reached so many people for all these, and everyone feels the passion of enjoying the most simplistic happiness to be found in our hobby. From the words of concerns and your own stories on how you discovered the hobby and enjoy it till now, I'm very happy that so many of us feels the same way. Thank you very much for sharing all your stories with me. As most of you pointed out to me, I'm not alone. We can indeed enjoy this hobby like how it's supposed to be that simple. ^^

A fresh restart I'm hoping this very young blog of mine. ^^ Apart from MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, the current review, which is really already done at the moment. I started on several other Gunplas, and hobby items that I really like.

Jumping through the non-sequential order of when these items will be reviewed:

I try to have a "touch" on my Gunplas every single day, it's almost like the interest on reading for me. I try to read a few pages everyday, instead of not reading for a long time then maybe a whole book on a weekend. So as it turned out, I had a lot of fun with the action figures, new and old ones in my collection, and the number is really growing. ^^ But buy happily, play happily, that's the idea. ^^


aloysius said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been a reader of your now "previous" blog for probably 4 years, long enough to know that you're pretty much the spiritual successor to Gunota Headlines. As one of the many readers who actually appreciate your hard work, I'd like to say my thanks.

I haven't been aware about much of the drama that has occurred over the years, but a quick read on some message threads gave the gist of what was going on. Sure it's a loss of a great information source, but I respect that you are providing a great service to fans for free.

Well at least I can still read your EX blog! :) Thank you again!

neosonic said...

To tell you the truth, I prefer ex than your old blog.

Good that you keep this blog up and running:) I am hapy that the "better" half is not gone

Rick James' Ghost said...

Well, I'm happy to see NK-EX is still alive, as they say in Portal.

Jesta said...

I'm glad to see that you're still running Ex. I say take you time with these reviews, too many at once will leave you burned out.
I don't remember you getting some of these, though, especially not the Sengoku Basara Revoltechs.

Anonymous said...

After 4 1/2 years blogging and then suddenly stopped.....hmm..what you gonna do next, that's what I'm thinking. ^ ^ I only came to know this blog just around the beginning of the year and just when I thought "Ooo I'm digging tis", you just have to go and shut it down . Still, I respect your decision and one can't blame a true enthusiast for sacrificing so much time in getting updates so often that it makes me wanna click every few minutes/seconds. Still...I didn't know such (whiny) community actually existed until now that it's sort of scary when you actually dig deeper into gunpla community. Can't blame them though. Out of millions people, there bound to be one psychotic killer, lol. But heck, life won't interesting without some bad in the mix eh? Cheers to you and your Ex Blog and you bet I will be one of those regular visitor. Just don't come closing this one down as well or I'll be one of those 'psycho', ^ ^ (Just kid).

HeatPhoenix said...

I'm going to miss clicking that Ngee Khiong button at the top of my firefox bar every 5 minutes

Sgt. NoOb said...

I know it sounds weird, but it's reassuring to see that through NG-Ex, your hobby is still alive. It's a pity that your prime blog is no more, but I think the knowledge that you're still a fan is good news to many people.

It's inspired me to start on my own mountain of unfixed kits. :P

Marzz said...

Pretty sad that you have closed down the main blog, but it is your life and decision, so I have to respect you for that. You did a great job the past few years and I really appreciate your efforts, thank you!
On the other hand, I am looking forward to reading more of your reviews so I can learn(steal, LOL)some of your techniques and tips on Gunpla. All the best to you bro!

chubbybots said...

Wait did I just see Nendoroid saber? Haha action figures can be very fun when taking a break from gunpla. Glad you kept NG-Ex and can still happily blog here!

setsuna15 said...

hey NK. im one if ur reader. my only comment for you is to continue ur EX blog, even it's not gunpla update related. and i hope it will help the EX blog on my skill for painting and paneling my gunpla. and thanks anyway

Zero said...

Well like many others I was one of the usual readers who pressed the "refresh" button on the browser every hour to see what's new and yup I'm going to miss that blog, mostly because is difficult to find the information in English and I can't translate everything while on the office =P...

Anyhow, at least EX is still around, that would keep the flame intact in some way, don't you think?...

Cheers from Argentina!

KazeTora said...

I always enjoyed reading this blog, especially your detailing job, haha. Just like what people are saying, take your time to post, man. Oh, and you can actually be 'selfish' on this blog. Coz this is your work's blog. :D

I've been reading your blog since 4 years ago, man. I'll continue to read it.

Hi from Singapore. :)

Toymaker said...

Hi NK,

I have been following your blog for quite awhile. I am especially happy that you have found those cutters and starting to build again.

All the best and most important of all, have fun building...



Evaritus Lau said...

Satte, now we can share our gunpla knowledge here now. =)

I wonder, what silver marker bro used on those pipes, I mean, it shinier that i get from local stationary shop, weird...maybe it's weather huh ?

Ngee Khiong said...

Thank you everyone regarding the concerns over the last few days. Truly, I appreciate everyone's caring encouragements. And yes, this blog will run, for the fun of my hobby. ^^ Thank you again.

Now to some of those more specific questions:


I have quite a few purchases I didn't put up on the blog. Saving for surprises ^^


I think you're talking about some pipes from the other models I did?

Bigger ones I used normal oil-based markers - the one you can get from normal stores - for art work usually.

Smaller ones Pilot Super Color (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3341/3233925963_141d2cea26.jpg) - that one's gold, but silver is also available.

I use Gundam Marker Silver also, but the result is often not as shiny.

Ngee Khiong said...

Sorry, if you're referring to the chain, it's Zebra marker silver (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4048/4433262527_9f4f639920.jpg) - that one's gold too, but silver is also available. From http://ngeekhiongex.blogspot.com/2010/03/mg-crossbone-full-cloth-part-3.html

Q said...

正如你說, HOBBY最重要的是買得開心, 玩得開心. 就是這麼簡單噢!

我最近沒點去過你的EX網誌. 也許是因為我通常少建MG模型. 我應該要多看看你的網誌, 因為可以學到很多東西. 有空時電郵好不好?

Ngee Khiong said...


Ya you're absolutely right. The same kind of happiness when receiving the toy for our parents or relatives in our younger days. We never know what's world economy, or whatever the problem, but the happiness was very real. I'm also trying to cherish that kind of moment with all my toys and models.

Life is short, toys are good. Why not enjoy?

Reply comment at office, no Mandarin text entry, not so good. ^^;

Sorry for not replying your email. Thank you very much for your concern as well. I'm desperately trying to reply many other earlier ones which are sent to me. So sorry. Will do so soon. ^^