Saturday, October 16, 2010

HGM 1/550 Dendrobium Part 3

Well, you know me ^^

Well, life gets a bit easier after the hand painting part done in the previous posting for my HGM 1/550 Dendrobium. Apart from the smell of the thinner, now I can move fairly more flexibly on the timing of cleaning up and panel-lining the various parts - maybe work some of them for a while, then get lazy, then come back and work on them again. It's certainly easier than the hand painting part since I would always try to get all the painting done in one shot so I won't have to waste thinner or paint if the work is spread out, like the panel-lining task right now. ^^

That's why when I find a spot not painted after the hand painting task is done, I would go crazy XD

Details on the surface of the weapon container and beneath the container lid.

Details outside and behind the containers.

Details on the parts of the I-field generator.

Testing the 2 types of parts.

Excess paint on the mouth of the thrusters is scratched off using a knife.
The details inside the thrusters are panel-lined.

Details on the body of the main canon are panel-lined.
Most of the details will be covered up when top armor comes in.

Just panel-lining for the supporting frame inside the main body.

Long beam sabers are painted using Gundam Marker GM14 Fluorescent Pink.

Just panel-lining for the sub arms' parts.

Same goes for the mechanical part of the sub arms.

Hydraulic pipes near the edge of the sub arms' parts? Not sure if they are going to be visible later, but gold and silver treatment all the same. ^^

So far so good I suppose. ^^ Most of the work right now is panel-lining the various parts. More images of the work on the parts for the body in the next posting.


LEon said...

I can see this kit require lot of paneling but it paid off. Hope to see the final production soon. :)

Syful said...

wahhh so may work... I salute you!

Ngee Khiong said...

>>LEon, Syful

Thanks thanks. ^^ Just my usual style of very slow work. XD