Friday, October 8, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 23

I can't see! I can't see!

Going till Part 23 now, the review on MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, but come to think of it, this is actually the very first posting where the "real" Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth appears ^^

With all the cloth armor components.

First armor component to go up is the two-piece plate armors on the chest - to be connected to the top chest hatch.

Slit in the tiny buttons to secure the armors.

Next up - the spiky collar armors - slide onto the top of the beam saber storage racks very nicely.

Last step: lift the tab on top the shoulder armors to put on the cloth armor for the arms.

Completed ^^

The full cloth armor almost doubles the volume of the Gundam immediately. ^^

And now Crossbone Gundam will need equally large weapons to do justice to the increase in size. ^^

The Peacock Smasher and the Murasame Blaster.
Very difficult to attach the weapons to the palm when the view is obstructed by the armors, but the menacing look is well worth the time. ^^

Very fierce-looking ^^ I like ^^

The joints allow the cape to slide sideways, so with the image created from the sharp edges of the armors, you get a really awesome model kit for display. ^^

Then again, weight and balance issues are unavoidable. When the Peacock Smasher and Murasame Blaster attached, the tendency for the model to lean forward has been increased by 200 percent. ^^; A display base is highly recommended.

Fortunately, this model of mine doesn't suffer the same loose shoulder armor issue as Dalong faced when he reviewed this MG.

Image is from Dalong.

The weight of the cape pulling the shoulder armor down is totally understandable, and I was worrying about this issue all along before assembling the model. However, turns out it's OK. ^^ Not sure why, maybe it's because it's a brand new build so the shoulder armor's joints are still very tight. I'm thankful for that anyway. ^^

Also, one really funny thing I discover. ^^ The collar armor is all fierce, but it's in the way of the view no matter how slight the side view is XD That's just plain anticlimactic. ^^;


Ryuu said...

Good job there! It looks awesome and badass!!! Gonna get myself one too XD

redmage20386 said...

*Full cloth equipped*

+100 armor
+100 fierce factor ^^;

madmoz said...

Oops. Looks like i'm the only one who likes the 'basic' crossbones!

Btw it seems like NK is now on a gunpla-ing spree :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, looks great my friend! Good work! I really like the Cross Bone designs, and this one is no exception. In SD Gundam G Generation Spirits, the Full Cloth was a MONSTER. I-field, Full Armor AND ABC coating, it was unstoppable!

Chong said...

You should have listen to me and get it ASAP years ago....

Ren n Tako! said...

nice review.. makes me wanna get one right now. lolx. hey NK, do you top coat your models? cos i've nv seen you topcoat your reviewed models before.. do you worry that some parts like white would turn yellowish after some time? =)

Alexkinamoto said...

no weight issue on the Peacock Smasher and Full Cloth? lucky you XD.

Cress said...

At first I thought Crossbone Gundam is just another kit but after seeing that smexy back, I thought to myself "Is that really a UC gundam?! No other gundam is as badass as that." Want!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

A flamboyant display of weaponary and cape suits this pirate Gundam perfectly. A detail review and many great posing. I'm glad that passion on Gundam in you lives on bro.

Anonymous said...

Its a beautiful model; great poses and excellent articulation. But does anyone have an issue with closing the cockpit with the full cloth on?

tc012009 said...

Really beautiful work Sir! You managed to achieve some really impressive poses with the full cloth in place, particularly given the restrictions it places on the arm.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any tips to improve the models grip, especially when its holding the peacock smasher.

Anonymous said...

nice job i really like how the 'cloth' / Armour give it a very manly look not like the wing gundam which makes it look kind of gay haha keep doing gunpla remember its about the love for it ^^

pastafazoola said...

great job with your full cloth crossbone...such a small scale but with lots of weapons.i had a great time too assembling that way way back but it was almost difficult being that the scale was smaller than the rx78...but still very awesome!

Johnny Tan said...

Great job NK. Nice review on the kit!