Monday, October 25, 2010

RAH Mari Illustrious Makinami Get

After quite a long waiting, she has finally arrived: Medicom Toy's RAH 12" Mari Illustrious Makinami. ^^

Dreamed about her since late November last year. ^^

Must wait till the weekends when I could be free from the busyness and stressfulness of office work for the unpackaging of this figure. ^^


tc012009 said...

Congrats on finally getting this figure.

The promotional images look incredible and hopefully the figure will easily live up to your expectations.

You've great patience to be able to wait until the weekend to unpack the figure> I'd be so excited after getting it that I would have opened it straight away.

Q said...

你這個眼鏡娘控! XD

Just kidding, just kidding. Woah all the way since November last year?! That is nearly one year worth of waiting! At least you finally got your hands on her, and just one more week (5 days to be precise) before you can finally open it!

LEon said...

Will look forward to this figure review. See what other accessories this figures has.

Ngee Khiong said...


I'm putting my trust on Medicom Toy's quality assurance for such a hefty purchase. ^^; But based on my experience with Chunli from the same product series, the face sculpt and details are great, and those two are the most important features I'm looking for on Mari. ^^ From the content images shown on Hobby Search (, she is very promising. ^^

On the part of waiting, since I waited for her to arrive for such a long time, just a couple more days in the box would be just fine. ^^


I knew you would say that XD

It's indeed a long wait, but the wait isn't really over. The Figma version is on the list as well. XD


Just a different pair of hand units for the accessories. Too bad her cell phone is not included. ^^; But then again, I'm not really looking for action poses for Mari.

redmage20386 said...

oh my...

what an interesting purchase...

i always want 12 inch figure, but kamen rider...

look forward for the review

Chris said...

lol on what Q said.
Ah...RAH. It's something I'll not be able to afford. So I'll depend on your reviews. ^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

She is one character that had climbed up the top spot among other anime character in such short time. Issit Eva + Pink + Female = success. Ha! Ha! BTW, great 12" and hope to see the review soon.

Ngee Khiong said...

>>redmage20386, Chris

Must...wait...a...bit...longer...for...that ^^;


She's love at first sight for me XD

Almost like all the other female action figures and figurines for me really. ^^