Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 20

Bloody cut & paste II

Back to MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, and a new round of introduction of Gundam's body components.

As mentioned in the last posting about the final assembly of this kit, I lost the images taken when I was actually assembling the kit, so like that previous posting, I'm actually taking apart the completed model to review on the various components. Not too useful in showing the various parts designed for the various components, but it does allow the showing of the parts' gimmicks and features.


Front and rear views

Lines painted using a normal marker at the edge of the armors work out well as panel lines.

Articulation, pretty much the same as MG Gundam F91.

The movement of the ankle could be much wider if not limited by the ankle guard.

The twin spikes behind the ankle guard are movable.

Gold and silver hydraulic pipes.

Heat dagger handles are stored behind the calf.

Using the handles from behind the calf, the heat dagger can be used as a hand held weapon. It's quite versatile for action pose for its lightweight, but can be hard to put on and adjust because of the handle guard.

The blade part of the heat dagger can also be attached to the bottom of the feet.

Lower body completed

Can kneel pretty well, but ...

... with it requires one of the front skirt armors to be flipped high up. ^^;
Not possible when the upper body comes in.

[Shoulder armor]

Front and rear view can be a bit confusing to differentiate at first glance. ^^;

The tab on top and the armor can be lifted.

Some mechanical details can be seen from the top view.

Those 2 gray spots are pretty ugly I know. What I did was painted Gundam Marker Gray over the white spot created by the cut mark at the very beginning when I was working on the kit. I had a dark gray normal marker at that time, which would be a way better substitute for Gundam Marker Gray I used. I'm just to used to Gundam Marker for such task.


For the skull emblem on the chest, I picked the supposedly unused Ver. Ka design, as it's more intriguing in looks, and somewhat more sinister-looking as well with that smirk.

Views from various angles.

Chest hatch can be opened.


Again, I picked the Ver. Ka type skull emblem for the forehead.

Front and rear views

Mask lifted.

Putting all components together.

MG Crossbone Gundam completed. ^^

The pilot cockpit is pretty impressive to me. After docking with the body. The chest hatch opens, but there's enough room for the Core Fighter's cockpit hatch to be opened as well.

All the leftover parts from the kit.

There are 2 "buttons" that are supposed to be inserted on the side of the chest hatch. The parts (supposedly unused ones) are included but I didn't actually put them on so that it would be a lot easier when the cloth armors are up next.

I like the very simplistic feel of the appearance. No excessive details on the armors (actually the inner frame is pretty much the same story too. ^^) makes the overall design is very clean, even though there are quite a few different colors used on the various parts of the kit. I think even without the cloth armor and its various unique weapons, this is already a very good looking model. ^^

More images of this completed kit in the next posting.


Anonymous said...

I really felt sad for the blog, it was the best, it was direct to the point, I am going to miss it, I still have the habit to check it twice a day =/

Anonymous said...

I always find your Gunpla tutorial in this blog to be quite informal. You always put extra effort into adding as much detail as possible into the model more than I see in any other modelers, in that really brings the model to life. Your EX alone is really worth the read for more of your insights in Gunpla.

Zar said...

Hi! I´m an argentinian reader and have been reading and enjoying your blog pretty much since Gunota closed, I also had the habit to check it multiple times a day.

I would like to thank you sincerly for the dedication that you put into the blog all these years, I´m really going to miss it.

Will be following you on EX from now on! :)

Albert Lee said...

I'm really sad to see the blog go, I refresh it hourly because I always get my news here first. If I say pretty please don't close will you reconsider? I wish you the very best, this is only one of the few English blogs around with so much content and updates.

Anonymous said...

Be extra careful of the knees, its very well known to snap off irregardless you play with your kit or not. I broke all my crossbone's knees and F91 knees while changing their poses (Now I have to buy F91 and the 2 Crossbone all over again bugger =_=!). Bandai probably didn't see that coming for the F91-type kits.

redmage20386 said...

love the skull in the chest, not so about the skull in the forehead...

but overall, this is a good kit, my brother also have it :p

Alexkinamoto said...

nice review ^^ been following your EX since 1 years ago but haven't commented >.< i'm always impressed on the way you do the detailing with marker and those pistons XD this makes me want to grab a Crossbone for myself =D

Kashparrot said...

Phew~ just finished reading your last post on your other blog. Still sad that you ended it though. TT_TT
But I am glad that you decided not to simply quit, but walk your own path that you think is right. Maybe in the future you'll change your mind and go back... :)
So back to this blog, I'm guessing that you're going to do more modeling based posts rather than release posts. I'll tune in to see what techniques and what aspects you like in Gunpla! ^o^

Ngee Khiong said...

Thanks to everyone's concern again. Yes I will continue to share my interest on this blog. Hopefully with smaller audience group, things can be more cheerful and really focusing on enjoying the hobby.


Sorry, no going back. ^^;


The knee is indeed pretty dangerous. The joints are very thin, but they have to support a lot of weight from the upper body. Normally I twist very slowly to have a "feel" if the joints are cooperating. If halfway through the bending and there's this feeling that something is obstructing it from bending, I would stop and retry. Bad things also happen when a lot of force is needed in Gunplas. ^^;


I love both skulls, but the one on the forehead is pretty scary because it's very tiny. The fear of losing it is very prominent before the actual assembly.

The teeth of the chest skull (Ver. Ka) is good. ^^


Thanks. Do check out Dalong's review as well to help you make a better decision.



Thanks thanks. More good things will come out on this blog (hopefully) XD

Q said...

I like how sometimes you can consider the excess / unused parts as optional choices, which gives you more customisation to your own liking, as well as spare parts for more modding or extra customisation. In this case the skulls as well as the mysterious case involving your F91's missing parts ^^;;;;;

Keep up the good work, will check out your blog more often!

Ngee Khiong said...


Thanks very much for your visit. I really should visit your blog more often to see your GM collection. ^^

About those unused parts, what you said is exactly what I think as well. I'm not very much into heavy modification of my models, so I'll just keep those parts for the sake of not wanting to throw them away. Unnecessary parts from other models, extra polycaps, foil stickers, clear stickers, and decal. Over the years of collecting those, it becomes a huge box. ^^ Not sure what to do with them, but will still keep on collecting. ^^

On the other hand, I'm still mystified with that MG F91 and Crossbone Gundam's runners thing. o_o