Friday, October 15, 2010

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shusou Doven Wolf Part 6 [Final]

Mighty ax

The last posting on the just completed BB Senshi Sangokuden Shusou Doven Wolf.

Sanzoukeki (三爪戟)

The 2 smaller axes, called Senjintou (尖刃刀) can be mounted onto Shusou Doven Wolf's back using the mount rack from the combined weapon.
The mount rack is the same one used by Ryubi Gundam for carrying his 2 swords on his back.

Gankoufu (頑硬斧)

Gankoufu can be mounted directed onto the back, but Senjintou must be removed from the mount rack first.

Senjintou are more flexibility for posing thanks to their smaller size, but is seriously not as intimidating as the larger ax. ^^;

Comparison with Shiba-I Sazabi and Koumei ReGZ.

A comparison of weapon size between the 3 models.
Can you see a MG Heat Hawk at the top of the picture? ^^;

Like I said, very awesome-looking ax. ^^ The size of the combined weapon Sanzoukeki is really quite a sight. ^^

Shusou Doven Wolf is quite a fun model kit to have. The design is pretty simple, with very little of those complicated golden emblems that you can find on other BB Senshi Sangokuden characters like Shiba-I Sazabi and Koumei ReGZ as shown in the image above. The most complicated one - the dragon crest on the front skirt armor can be realized via the foil sticker included, for those who are not interesting in paiting the kit. The large red and golden pattern on the blade of Gankoufu comes as foil stickers as well.

I don't suppose I could call this little fella 'cute' because clearly, that doesn't fit his image at all. I'm in for this guy being a mono-eye unit and his fearsome axes. ^^

Also, seeing Shiba-I Sazabi and Koumei ReGZ again makes me realize how slow I'm in building my BB Senshi Sangokuden kits. I have quite a lot of the characters released before the Shin series, and a few recent purchases from the Shin series as well. Must really try to speed things up a bit. ^^;

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Chris said...

Big weapon is big. lol
I wonder how a MG Zaku would look holding that Shusou Doven Wolf's axe.

I see the paint for the handle for your Koumei Re-GZ's came off too. I also encounter the same problem. Their hands fit too nicely for their weapons. ^^;

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice painting and great berserker warrior and weapon choice of weapon. So far, I only have Ryofu & Gongsun Zan.