Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HGM 1/550 Dendrobium Part 6

The handle and the handling issue

Some minor parts left for the last part on the work on HGM 1/550 Dendrobium.

Two white tabs beneath the main cannon's handle cover will be painted in gray to show them as part of the mecha. The handle itself should be in a different color I believe.

From the anime of "UC0083", the entire handle is in light blue (?), and some buttons on it are in red.

Awesomely enough, the details from the anime can be seen on the actual part itself - with the exact number of red buttons on the handle! ^^
painted the buttons in red, but just the handle in light blue, both colors are from Gundam Markers.

Cleaned up and panel-lined.
Only the handle is in light blue because that part would seem rather strange to me if painted entirely in light blue. ^^;

The back of the handle cover is painted in gray using Gundam Marker and then panel-lined.

The extra parts to show the weapon container being opened will have to be painted in gray as well.

Broke one tip of the extra parts when removing it from the weapon container. Ouch!

Painted the parts using Gundam Marker Gray.
The color is pretty consistent with the hand painted area using Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

Broke another tip of the extra parts when removing it from the weapon container this time. Ouch again!

Panel-lining for the 'beamless' beam saber parts XD

Edges of the fuel tank are painted in black using normal black marker to show border lines when the parts assembled.

The broken bit of the supporting part won't affect its appearance when it's assembled since that part would never be seen anyway. However, there has to be extra caution during the final assembly since another broken tip from the same part would mean that there's no more tab to joint the container and its cover.

On the other hand, I do find that one less tab on the part does help to make it much easier to be attached and removed from the container. The cover is not that heavy for one tab to support anyway. The convenience is the somewhat good thing to get from the accident. ^^; But caution for the final assembly would still be the top priority.

Done for Dendrobium. Moving on to something else next. ^^


Anonymous said...

Wa, even the smallest details like button colours you also got take note, i salute you:D

LEon said...

You are a fan even to the details. Salute!

Ngee Khiong said...

>>trans0am & LEon

Credits goes to Bandai for putting in such tiny details.

canopy said...

Hey NK, I am just wondering, is your Dendrobium review has a final part version? I can't seem to find the final version of your review in your blog archive...