Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HCM-Pro Gouf Custom Part 6

See my one-legged stunt

The second last part of my review on HCM-Pro Gouf Custom, featuring more action poses with some using the special display base.

Gouf Custom without the Gatling shield is equally menacing.

The sleek guy look XD

A ball joint on the display base connects to the bottom of the foot.

I kind-of understand the design of the display base in mimicking the jet stream effect of Gouf Custom's thruster beneath its foot, but the shape fits the foot so well it looks more like a ice pillar being stepped on by the figure XD

While the display base is cool, it does have a weakness. It only allows a foot to be mounted onto it. That's quite an issue when you consider the weight of the entire figure focusing on the ankle and knee joint of that single leg. While it might not be a serious issue giving the size of the figure and its overall weight, extensive display of one-legged action poses will place an enormous pressure on the joints of that one leg on the display base. That's definitely something to consider when using the display base.

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