Friday, October 29, 2010

HCM-Pro Gouf Custom Part 7 [Final]

Hang in there, my friend, just hang in there

The last part of my review on HCM-Pro Gouf Custom, with an introduction on the anchor wire, which was just lightly touched upon in previous postings.

Part swapping to get the base of the anchor wire on the forearm.

Positioning of the wire with the hand unit.

Very light and flexible anchor wire as the weapon. ^^

The tip of the anchor wire can be inserted into the special suction part, ...

... allowing the figure to go "Weeee~" in mid-air. XD

But seriously, this is the pose of one of the great combat scenes featuring Gouf Custom from the anime.

That's the wall of my wardrobe actually XD

Much like the effect display base as mentioned in the previous posting, the suction part seems like a great idea at the beginning, but there are a couple of problems when you do try it out ^^; Firstly, the usual one - the suction isn't exactly strong in any way, so the figure is always exposed to the danger of a parachute-less descend once it's up there. Given the size of the figure, the risk of losing some accessories when it fell to the ground is a grave matter ^^; I just can't bring myself to imagining the need of searching for the puny blade antenna if it's lost (if not broken once it hits the ground). ^^;

The second issue, which is an extremely anticlimactic one, is how unstable the figure is when hanging there thanks to his light weight. ^^; I tried out the pose as shown above, and when I wanted to take the picture, I found him swaying left and right nonstop as the fan was blowing on him, not really directly that was. ^^; My immediate feeling, apart from finding that amusing, was really "无力" - folks in Malaysia in Singapore will get the idea when you say that using a local Chinese dialect, but the phrase basically means demotivating or disappointed. ^^;

The powerful Gouf Custom that KO-ed a few Guntanks in the anime got defeated by an average room fan. Now that's really 无力 ^^;

Lastly, family photos of all the Gouf Customs in my collection. ^^

Lining up all the big and small heat blades.

As you can see, the HCM-Pro version turns out to be the one with the lightest shade of color scheme. XD The BB Senshi version is the only one without the Gatling shield.

Quite an interesting action figure I would say. The articulation design is not too outstanding, even though it does have some amazing engineering for the hip and knee joints as mentioned in Part 3. Action poses are pretty good, definitely better than all the plamo kit release version before him. The special effect display base and suction part have their ups and downs, as highlighted in Part 6 and 7 respectively. In general, this is a very well made action figure of Gouf Custom, and much like the MSIA that is not longer in production, its value as a collectible is very high now. ^^

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Chris said...

Hanging in the air with the help of a wire. That reminds me of my Revoltech Arbalest except that it doesn't come with a suction cup, but on the other hand, tying its wire on something is more steady.

Anonymous said...

I know some people don't care for them, but they sure do a great job with the HCM Pros. I only have four, The Freedom Gundam, Impulse, Wing and Death Scythe, but they're all really well made, painted and the flexibility is top notch. The Gouf Custom looks absolutely great!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow, you sure are a Gouf Customs lover. Oh, I remember Zeon's mono eyes who looks fearsome. The flexible anchor wire does add a lot of play value to the HCM Pro.

Ngee Khiong said...


The real issue is the figure that is just too light. One way is to put a bit of double sided tape behind the feet and pin that part to the wall when it's hanging in mid air, then he would appear to be hanging but not swaying around, but that would defeat the purpose of the wire entirely. ^^;


Totally agree with you. The details and articulation in such a small scale of the HCM-Pro series is always exciting to see. That transformable Force Impulse Gundam you have is quite a wonder. ^^


Righto my friend, I like Zeon mono-eye units very very much. ^^

Jose said...

I have a theory that the HCM-Pro line was discontinued so it wouldn't compete with the Robot Damashii line. If you look at the SHCM-Pro figures (Char's Zaku, Zaku II, Gundam, Exia), they are higher quality than all of the Robot Damashii releases so far. Even Unicorn, which feels fairly cheap in comparison to the other ones in the SHCM-Pro line, is still a much better quality figure than the Robot Damashii Unicorn, which doesn't even have knees that bend well.

Ngee Khiong said...


Same here, I have the same idea about the whole HCM-Pro versus Robot Damashii speculation as well. ^^

Q said...

This is probably my first time hearing about something being too light. But then being so light that it can be moved by indirect winds from a fan is quite amazing o_o XD

Ngee Khiong said...


It was really funny when I think of it now. XD For those who own the figure but are not a fan of Zeon unit, they would probably find it pretty normal given the weight of the figure, and never bother to keep that in their mind. I think this will be the case for pretty much all HCM-Pro figure of this size if they are being displayed hanging like that.