Sunday, October 24, 2010

HCM-Pro Gouf Custom Part 4

Fearsome image?

Images of a fully armed HCM-Pro Gouf Custom after the introduction of the figure and its weapons in the previous two postings.

Looks pretty cool from certain angles, but it's not easy to get that fierce look when the figure is just about 9cm tall, even the huge Gatling shield doesn't seem all that intimidating in 1/200 scale, as compared to the larger HG version, even though that kit was released more than a decade ago. ^^;

It's kind of unfortunate that while the clear goggle for the mono-eye camera shows great craftsmanship and delicacy in the design of the figure, the actual eye always seemed shadowed by it, and in most instances, the eye is just not visible at all. That's another factor of fierceness gone. ^^;

The heat blade on the other hand, is really good - very sharp, very thin. ^^


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The best part of Gouf Custom is definitely the gattling gun. I skipped HCM Pro cos I prefer big toy. The only two I had so far is Freedom Gundam & Destory Gundam

Ngee Khiong said...


I love figures or model kits that are bigger in size as well. As they say, "the bigger the better." XD I couldn't find the slightly bigger MSIA version yet, but once I see it, I'll get it. Just have to get all Gouf Custom regardless of their size ^^

Jose said...

The Master Grade Gouf Custom kit is really great, but unfortunately the arm joints aren't strong enough to hold up the gatling gun. it always droops down.

I have the MSiA and it suffers from the same thing you mentioned the HCM-Pro does...the color is off from the animation version.

Ngee Khiong said...


Agree with you about the arm joint. The Gatling shield is really just for show. The rest of the arsenal: the heat blade, anchor wire and machine gun are just fine. Right now my MG just stands inside the cabinet just like that. ^^;

Too bad about the color of the MSIA version, but I'll try to look for that nonetheless. Since the product series is discontinued now, these MSIA figures are very valuable as collectibles now. ^^

Jose said...

I used to buy them when they came out in the US. I actually have ever MSiA ever released in the US...I think my rarest one is the Full Armor Nu Gundam MSiA, which I don't think even came out in Japan.

Unfortunately they're all opened since I used to display them (they're boxed in the back of a closet now, heh), I bet they might be worth some money on eBay these days...

Ngee Khiong said...


I remember there's one MSIA DX Gundam Epyon, and another one MSIA DX Tallgeese III. These two, among many others are marvels in this halted product line in my opinion.