Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1/100 Legend Gundam Part 8

Excellent part separation

Continuing the assembly of 1/100 Legend Gundam after yesterday.

Parts for left arm unit.

The major separable components.

Completed for both arms.

Mounting the beam shield.

Very light clear blue used for the beam shield. It's pretty hard to see the color in certain views. ^^;

Parts for the right leg.

Parts for the left leg.

Both legs completed.

Average articulation for the knee.

Some details beneath the foot.

Ankle guard and rear thruster can move. The hydraulic pipes can be exposed when the ankle guard is lifted.

Ankle has pretty good articulation range despite the bulky armor around it.

Beam saber can be stored inside the container on the side of the legs.

Parts for the waist.
Very good part separation for the thrusters/verniers of the skirt armors. Even the tiny blue vents inside the front armor is a separately molded part.

Major separable components for the waist.


Some details behind the front and rear skirt armors.
Not much, but very nice for a non-MG kit nonetheless. ^^

The 2 Dragoon bits on the side of the waist can move up to become forward cannons (?)

Lower body completed.

Parts for the body.

Major separable components.

Details of the body.

Upper body completed.

Done for the main body. Waiting for the head component in the next posting to complete the entire build. ^^

The assembly is very fun so far. While the design of how the parts go together is quite consistent with some of the other 1/100 scale kits before or after this Legend Gundam, there are many parts that are molded with consideration for minimizing seem lines and nub marks, and they are done very well.The part separation of the shoulder armor, upper arm, most of the legs and the body is pretty remarkable. The seem lines for those component look like that's exactly how the armors would be divided or combined in the actual design of this Gundam.

On top of that, the color separation is very brilliant as well. I appreciate how the small red and blue thrusters/vent of the shoulder armor and skirt armors are separate parts. The white part that is just visible on the edge of the blue collar is a completely separate part. That's a very good design in my opinion, and I'm glad that the designer didn't decide to use foil sticker for this part. ^^


Chris said...

The body resembles Destiny Gundam very much. I wish the designers put more thought in the title Gundam, Destiny as in Legend. Without their respective backpacks, Legend looks much more well designed!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Work Ngee
Congratulations !
I really want to see your other projects (like I.J. MG) finished.

Ngee Khiong said...


Strangely I never get the feeling that Legend resembling Destiny really. I do have this feeling occasionally that there's some similarities between Destiny and Strike because of the weapon pack (especially with their colors considered), but Legend is always like Providence to me, nothing of Destiny.


Thanks. MG Infinite Justice won't be that soon I'm afraid. ^^;