Monday, November 8, 2010

Nendoroid Saber Lily Part 2

Strictly one-handed sword wielding

Continuing the review on Nendoroid Saber Lily after the introduction yesterday with images of the figure straight out of the box and her accessories.

Before that, a look at the display base included:

The supporting base goes beneath the dress on the back, and the display stand is absolutely necessary - there's no way the figure can stand without the stand. ^^;

The hair pieces can be turned to the left and right.

Very cute. ^^ The 'default' straight out of box face expression is the same design, or of very close resemblance to the 1/7 scale figurine version released by Good Smile Company as mentioned yesterday.

A look at the various accessories:

Face expression parts.

2 types of sword.

Very crazy details on every part of the swords. O_O

Both swords be stored into their scabbards.

Option arm and leg units.

Very much like the design on the figurine version, the option left spread palm has a tab to hold either scabbard.

Including the 2 on the figure itself, all the hand units can be turned and detached at wrist level, allowing some degree of variation in the hand expression when you're displaying the figure. However, there are only 2 hand units that can be used to hold the swords, and both are right hands. So, absolutely no dual sword pose for Saber Lily. ^^; Anyway, I don't think the character is designed to be wielding 2 swords at the same time, but it would be awesome if the beauty of both swords can be displayed in one go.

Saber Lily in action in the next posting. ^^

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