Friday, November 26, 2010

MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker Part 5

All silver joints

Working on the belt and body unit this time. ^^

Plenty of colorful parts for the henshin device.

Stickers used for several parts, including the Gaia Memory labels, the gold and silver stripes near the top of the Memory slot and the panel in front of the belt.

Painted gold and silver for the tips of the Gaia Memories - Gundam Marker Plated Silver for Cyclone Memory (right) and Gundam Marker Gold for Joker Memory (left).

Gear mechanism connecting the two Memory slots' linked movement.

Linked movement as seen on the completed device.

Completed the waist component by attaching the henshin device onto the waist done in the previous posting.

Lower body completed

Being a model kit based on a human character, the kneeling pose is very easy to adjust and looks very natural as well. ^^

Part swapping for a separate connector for the display base on the back of the belt. The nifty part is that the original part can be mounted onto the display base.

The body unit has the most number of parts for the entire model.

A separate neck joint that allows the head to be tilted backwards.

The core block that contains all the joints of the body unit.
As you can see, all the green and black components are connecting onto the silver parts.

Very wide articulation range of the shoulder joints that allow them to swing to the front.

Neck can move to the left and right.

The very huge chest and back plates.

The main components of the body unit - the core block with shoulder armor assembled onto it, chest and back plates, two components for the abdomen.

Completed. ^^

Body unit can be bent backward and forward.

The upper body can turn to the left and right as well (based on the abdomen joint).
The middle piece is practically a ring in between the upper body and waist. Without any joint, but it will move together with the abdomen joint.

The shoulder joint is much limited now with the body plates.

Shoulder armors can rotate on the joint, or bend upwards as well.

Upper body done.

Parts for the scarf.
2 types: the 2-piece shorter type shown on the left, and the fixed single piece on the right.
The joints are in clear color.


The movement of the single-piece type scarf.

Ball-type joints connect the two types of scarf to the rear collar, so it's pretty much free range articulation for this part.

Main body completed. ^^

As with the waist unit, the silver parts play as the connector between the green parts on the right side of the body and black parts on the other side. While the joints aren't too different from what you would expect on a regular Gunpla, having all those working with the silver parts in the middle is quite refreshing to see. ^^


Anonymous said...

The Gaia memories thing looks like thumb drives to me

Anonymous said...

I believe they're supposed to look like thumb drives.