Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HGUC Sinanju Part 4

:> and :D

The last part of HGUC Sinanju's assembly for this posting. ^^


Parts for the binders, which are identical for both sides.

Nice details molded for the main body of the thrusters.

The thruster is one of the components that shows great part separation of this kit that I like very much.

The red and white parts fit onto each other very accurately.

The thrusters stand out in their own designated color.

The whole thruster then fits onto the main body of the binder very nicely.
The design is very similar to the MG version, but it's definitely great to see such build design being inherited onto this smaller HGUC version as well. ^^

Tabs to hold the armors for the thrusters in "normal" mode. The lock is not tight at all.

The expanded mode of the thruster is shown on the right.
No linked movement for the thruster as seen on the MG version.

Parts for the backpack.

Each fuel tank is about 8.5cm in length.

Very nice details for the main thrusters on the backpack as well.

Major components of the backpack.

With the binders.

Done for the entire backpack.

Very wide articulation range for the binders. The angle of display can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.


Parts for the body unit.

The torso is definitely the component with the most obvious display of Sinanju's emblems. So getting the stickers done carefully for this part is all too important to watch out for. ^^

First two sticker to go on are the ones on the side.

And then the abdomen.
The sticker design goes from :> to :D XD

The largest single-piece sticker for this kit - the emblem on the chest. ^^

Rub the sticker onto the chest with cotton swap to get the elevation effect.

Stickers for the collars also come as single-piece ones with the black portion included.

The idea is to help them to stick onto the parts better I believe, since the golden stripes also go onto the edges of the collar parts. Having just the stripes who make them vulnerable to be peeled off easily afterward.

Done for all the stickers of the body unit. ^^

Another example of great part separation on this kit. The red chest part fits the protruding edge of the black piece very accurately.

Done for the body unit.

The shoulder joint can move to the front and to the back.

Waiting for the head unit to complete the entire model. ^^


Parts for the head.

I clip off the golf bat portion of the blade antenna and sharpen it for a more accurate looking design for the head. ^^

Foil sticker for the mono-eye camera, which will be almost completely invisible after the head is completed. ^^;

Nice part separation for the Vulcan as well. Just slide the face part onto the helmet and there's no way to tell that the helmet and Vulcan are actually molded on separate parts.

One piece part for the topmost portion of the helmet. The only visible seem line when the head is done is the one on the back of the head.

Done for the head.


Completely done for HGUC Sinanju. ^^

A tab on the handle of the beam rifle to secure the grip.

Used up all the stickers given. ^^

Action poses of HGUC Sinanju in the next posting. ^^


Ryuuzaki said...

Nice!!! now i waiting for the stock to arrive at store..

Joe said...

Certainly, amazing! BanDai engineers are getting so good with the parts separation on the smaller scale kits!

NK, your sticker work looks great, you must have masterful patients to get the stickers on so straight and even.

I like this model very much as well, I may have to buy two and build one straight out of the box like this as well. I haven't used stickers in years, but these I think I must try.

Anonymous said...

That is yet another mono-eye Zeon unit standing tall and proud. =D

Chris said...

If there is any mono-eye as fierce as Sinanju, I can only think of the Super Zaku F2000 now.

Marzz said...

Whoa! You sure built him 3X faster!

Q said...

This really is one quick build - I've been really behind on blogs, and it's done and over already XD

Sinanju really does look tall and fierce. My favourite is probably the thrusters actually. Btw according to Hobby no Toriko its thrusters backpack are interchangeable with Sazabi's. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Nice work :)

Ngee Khiong said...


Should be in soon I believe, it's out for a few weeks already.


Thanks very much. The price of 2,600 Yen for this kit is quite OK in my opinion, which is why I chose to pick one up and build it straight out of box immediately. If the budget is OK, I do recommend a straight assembly for this kit to enjoy the build. ^^


Yeah, he's standing much taller than most other HGUC kits too. ^^


You forgot Gouf Custom. ^^


Thanks. ^^ Done using a whole night really. ^^


Backpack on Sazabi? That's quite a bold idea from Hobby no Toriko really. ^^ While the color is fine, the shape of the components between the two models won't be consistent with each other though. Sazabi is huge, but pretty simple in design; Sinanju is tall, slim and has plenty of details here and there.


Thanks very much.

Jose said...

I just picked up the Robot Damashii Sinanju, and it looks just as amazing as the HGUC version does!

Very good, especially after the disappointing Damashii versions of the Unicorn. :)