Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HGUC Sinanju Part 6

Sinanju Kick!

The last part of my review on this straight assembled HGUC Sinanju. No "[Final]" tag on the title though, because there'll definitely be another batch of review of this kit, with painting and panel-lining and all the detailing in the future.

The beam naginata is an awesome weapon in terms of size, but is extremely hard to display. ^^;

Sinanju Kick!
With the fuel tanks detached as seen in the OVA too. ^^

The shield mounted with the beam sword is an awesome weapon for display as well, even though the beam rifle (or the beam saber) would seem pitifully puny now. ^^;

The beam sword is my pick for Sinanju's signature weapon. ^^

A very nice model this is. A lot of parts and foil stickers, which made the build process extremely fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the many hours I spend putting all the parts together. For those who are reading this as the first posting on HGUC Sinanju you see on this blog, various observations I made regarding the brilliant design of the runners and part separation of the kit can be seen in the past few postings.

The completed model really lives up to Sinanju's image as a very fierce-looking Zeon unit. It's an exceptionally great model for display. As a matter of fact, any format of release for Sinanju for that job I believe. ^^ That might be a biased viewpoint because I like Zeon MG design very much. ^^

In terms of gimmicks and articulation, this HGUC version is a heavily scaled down version of the previous MG release. A number of features have been omitted from the MG version, including:

(1) Single-piece component for the foot, no separated joint for the front of the foot to move
(2) No movable thruster on the binders for the "burst" mode.
(3) Much limited articulation for the knee and elbow joints with no mechanic gimmick.
(4) No mount rack embedded in the shoulder armor to hang the shield.
(5) No beam tonfa.
(6) No separate part for the hip joint, which is a very surprising feature given that most other HGUC kits, including HGUC Geara Zulu have this design that allows the legs to move to the left and right.
(7) Much limited shoulder joint
(8) The smaller armor on the calf, the one below the rear leg thruster doesn't move.
(9) No movable mono-eye camera, although I do understand that including this feature won't help much in making the eye visible anyway. ^^;

Somewhat like the concept of HGUC Unicorn Gundam I think, where the transformation feature of that kit is replaced by much improved and sturdy joints for more action poses, something the MG version couldn't accomplish. For HGUC Sinanju, the color separation and the outcome of those emblems by using the foil stickers are very close to the standard of the MG version, but a lot of other points are scarified to keep down the price. Whether this trade-off is justifiable really depends on your preference of what you're looking for in this kit. In terms of look, it's awesome; articulation and action poses, it's pretty good as well; for display, all the weapons and beam parts are included so it's brilliant. A smaller-sized Sinanju would be much easier on your display base since it would take less space to store. ^^ However, if you're looking for the same level of gimmicks as seen on the MG version, no deal though. ^^;

Lastly, size comparison with several other kits:

Comparison with HGUC Geara Zulu.

Big size difference between the boss and the soldier's beam axes. ^^

With the very first Red Comet. ^^
A fair comparison to see the height of Sinanju against regular HGUC kits.

Comparison with MG F91 - Almost completely the same height.
Sinanju is definitely bigger in terms of volume.

Comparison with MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW.
Just somewhat shorter than an average MG kit it seems.

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Albert Lee said...

The cheapest I've seen is 88 USD for the MG version and 40 USD for the HGUC version. Help me decide! They both look very satisfying to build!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait... The Sinanju has a... beam tonfa? I think I've missed that.

Like the HGUC Sazabi, the Sinanju is very much a large-sized MS. Starting from F-91 series, most of the MS's are reduced in size (looks at Crossbone and V Gundam).

LEon said...

He is as tall as a MG?! That I didn't know. LOL

Anonymous said...

hi NK, i want to ask,,about the comparison with the MG version,does the joints are strurdier than MG?