Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 4

Black lines on black parts? You got to be kidding me

Moving on with the work on MG Infinite Justice Gundam, which resumed yesterday, and this posting is almost like a continuation of the work done in that particular part too.

All the parts panel-lined previously were either in gray, silver, pink or maroon, where the black paint would visibly stand out very clearly on the details. Infinite Justice Gundam does have a number of black parts, mainly its body and wing units. I have no problem of having black panel lines on these components, but in terms of feel, I'm thinking of something a bit special. ^^

Again, another point that link this particular part of the work with yesterday's posting: something out of the ordinary. ^^

Since all the visible joints of Infinite Justice Gundam are in silver, I thought, "Hey, why not have silver for the details on the black parts?"

And I have just the right paint for this task. ^^

Mr. Hobby's Mr. Metallic Color Silver, the same color I used to paint all the GN Swords for my Gundam Exia in various scales.

Same method as yesterday - dissolve the paint with thinner and drop it onto the lines using paint brush, followed by cleaning work using cotton swap soaked with thinner or toothpick.

However, this metallic color is a bit harder to clean than the black paint used yesterday. While the paint comes off, some silver glittering particles will still be left on the spot. I'll have to spend more time cleaning the parts over and over again until I get the result I want. Some of the panel lines may not turn out to be as accurate as how using a pen would.

Luckily, there are not too many black parts for MG Infinite Justice Gundam. ^^

Parts for the wings and backpack - silver paint is great to get to the interior of the tiny vents (picture on the bottom right above).

Parts for the body. Tons of tiny lines on the chest vents that are taken care of immediately. ^^

Backpack thrusters after the excessive paint is cleaned.

Painted part of each thruster, including the interior of the thrusters in gold using Gundam Marker Gold.

With some "regular" black panel lines using pen.

I never realize that much of details on the thrusters until going through each one of them. That's just one of so many crazy detailed parts on this kit. ^^;


Evaritus Lau said...

Wow, now bro mention about it, wasn't Mr. Metal Color easily smudged if touched with bare fingers ?

Those thrusters are UBER !

porkfreak93 said...

ok the thrusters are AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

Oh my god! What you've done it obviously worth called a "MASTERPIECE" . You did really amazing job man !