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MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker Part 1

The mirror

Starting on another kit after 1/100 Legend Gundam, ^^ and this one has been on the list even before HGUC Sinanju - MG Figurerise 1/8 Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker.

To be honest, I haven't watched a single episode from "Kamen Rider W" yet. As mentioned before, I like the color combination of this guy very much. Apart from the very distinctive left and right split of the color scheme, I also like the idea of how "absolute" the colors are used on either side of the body. Excluding the gold and purple ornaments, the right side of the suit is totally green. Same thing can be said about the left side, which is totally black. There's no color differences for the neck, hands and boots that most other Kamen Riders exhibit. This very simplistic yet unique design is one of a kind in the entire franchise I believe.

For the model kit itself, I have always been interested in how the parts are combined with that clear split of color right in the middle of the entire body. The arms and legs are fine since they can be considered as separate standalone components, but the head and body should be interesting to see. ^^ How do the completed components interact with each others to realize all the action poses this "Figurerise" series promises is another exciting point.

As the name "Figurerise" suggests, I do regard this as an action figure, even though clearly, it's a Master Grade model kit. It's still a human figure in my opinion, with no mecha details whatsoever that should be panel-lined like a regular Gunpla kit. Therefore, the moment I set my decision to get this kit, I always imagined myself straight assembling it, so this will be a much shorter MG review series I believe. ^^

All the fighting action shown on the box cover.

Box side images


Very colorful design for the manual, but is not too different from the construction manuals of other "regular" MG Gunplas we're getting nowadays actually.

4 other Kamen Rider characters as shown in the manual, all are either already released, coming soon or will be released eventually. ^^
W Heat Metal (December release), W Lunar Trigger (already released), W Fang Joker (February 2011 release), Accel (TBA).

Customer feedback/survey form.
Since Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker is just the third release in the "MG Figurerise" series, it seems that Bandai is still working on the market research part for future plans of this series.

Comparison with MG Gouf Ver. 2.0, another kit I have that has really thick box. ^^

The height is the same, but MG Gouf Ver. 2.0 is a little bit thicker it seems. ^^

Runner A - Contains all the silver parts on the body, the goggles and the red parts for the belt.

Very nice design of the "fly-eye" pattern behind the clear red goggles part.

Very nice details for the Gaia Memory slots on the belt (molded in glossy red) and the belt itself.

V-Fin (or rather W-Fin) for a Kamen Rider XD

The scarf is made softer plastic parts than the rest of the runner.
Runner separation hints around the section containing these parts show that the scarf will not be included for other variations of Kamen Rider W.

Runner B - Contains green parts for the body and arm, molded in glossy green that has a metallic feel to it.

Smooth line patterns on the various parts.

Cyclone Memory

Runner C - Contains green parts for the legs.

Some more line pattern, especially the hip parts. ^^

Runner D - ABS runner that contains all the joint parts for the right side of the kit.

Very familiar looking parts for the hand unit, eh? ^^

Runner E - Contains black parts for the body and arm, molded in plain black.

Looking almost like a repetition of the green runner, only in black.

Joker Memory

Runner F - Contain black parts for the leg.

Runner G - ABS runner that contains parts for the joints on the left side of the body.

Runners H and I - Glossy light gold and purple parts for the various ornaments on the body, shoulder, wrist and ankle.

Design details.

Runner J - Contains parts for the belt and the hip joint.

Awesome details on the belt parts.
A tiny "W" can be seen on the Maximum Drive slot.

Runners K and L - Rubbery runners with 2 parts each for the sole.

Runners BAF-1 and BAF-2 - Clear ABS runners containing parts for the display base.
Screws and nuts that included for the assembling the stand are shown as well.

Polycap set PCF-1A

Comparison between Runners B and E reveals that they are mirror images of each others.

Same goes for Runners C and F ...

... as well as Runners D and G.
As you can see, two palm parts are included on each runner.

Foil sticker

Design details. The stickers for the henshin belt parts have some cool details that are accurately printed. ^^

Done with separating all the parts from their runners.

Two unused palm parts.
Molded for the convenience of releasing another variation that has a single color for this part (like W Cyclone Cyclone, W Joker Joker, Joker, Skull and Accel) without the need of separating the runner? The hints are there though.

Done with the introduction, will move on to a little bit of detailing and painting in the next posting.

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Anon said...

W Fin. I LOLed. Though you're going to straught assemble the kit, maybe you could do your awesome painting on the belt and memory sticks? They look kinda plain, otherwise.