Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker Part 2

Artistic time

Second part of my review on MG Figurerise 1/8 Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker after the introduction yesterday.

This posting is about the painting and panel-lining work done for a few of the parts, which is very minor actually. Just about 20 parts in total, which is a record in my own experience with MG kits. ^^ All my other MG reviews in the past featured many separate postings for the work done before the final assembly because I went through almost all the parts for at least the panel-lining work, but Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker will be very different. ^^

All the parts identified are the gold and silver parts, plus the silver ones for the split on the body and head.

All the parts to be "processed" ^^

Panel-lined the borders of the parts before painting them.

Panel-lined the line pattern on the shoulder armors and painted the top of the armor in black using normal marker.
When the "cap" is assembled on top of the shoulder armor, the minor split between the two parts will show the black line instead of purple or gold.

Painted the edges of the chest parts, wrist and ankle guards in black using Gundam Marker. Gundam Marker is used this time so that the color won't be too glossy (unlike how normal marker paint would look like).
The line patterns are painted using panel-liner.

Very artistic patterns on the purple (Joker) parts - this is the ankle guard.
The patterns are different for Cyclone, Heat, Metal, Lunar and Trigger.

Same design for the wrist, just simpler and less in the number of line patterns given the smaller size of this part as compared to the ankle guard.

Details on the chest part.
Not sure if these patterns have some sort of intrinsic meaning or not. ^^

All the lines on the shoulder armors and edges of the parts come as foil stickers.

Silver parts that form the color split right in the middle of the body and head.

All the lines can be realized using the foil stickers given as well, but to minimize the risk of rubbing off the long and straight foil stickers, I chose painting instead. ^^

Painted using Gundam Marker black - using the sharp edge of the tip.

Parts for the Gaia Memory slot require a little bit more delicacy in terms of painting. ^^
Just a few spots to be painted according to the closeup shown on the back of manual.

Painted the top of the slots in gold and silver (Gundam Marker Gold and Plated Silver respectively), plus a bit of black on another front part.

The rear side of the slot is painted as well.

Caution is needed when painting the slots. The colors are fixed - silver for the left slot (Cyclone) and gold for the right (Joker). The color can be confirmed according to the tip of their respective Gaia Memories.

By the way, I'm saving the painting of the tips till the actual assembly, together with putting on the foil stickers for the body. Those two tiny memory sticks are really very interesting to see. ^^

Again, it's important to note that most the details done in this posting can actually be achieved through the various foil stickers included, so the entire work is purely optional. This is a feature you can consider as another interesting point about this kit I think. ^^

First part of the assembly will start in the next posting. ^^

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