Friday, November 19, 2010

1/100 Legend Gundam Part 10

Not for ground combat

Done with HGUC Sinanju, going back to 1/100 Legend Gundam left off since a week ago. ^^ This will be a two-part posting featuring the action poses of the completed model.

Much like the comment I made about MG Destiny Gundam, Legend Gundam doesn't seem like a unit suitable to be displayed without a display base. ^^; I don't really remember if it ever had any ground combat in the anime, but the balancing issue caused by the backpack doesn't really permit a lot of action poses standing on my table. ^^;

The two segments of the backpack that can be bent backwards help to give the model a more dynamic display.

More than one stand required to display the Dragoon bits.

Another posting of action poses of this model in the next posting.

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Albert Lee said...

Maybe its just me but I've always wanted to cut triangles off the energy shield so it doesn't look so solid