Thursday, November 4, 2010

HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type Part 6

Redemption at foil sticker

Continue with the assembly of HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type after yesterday.

Parts for the weapons.

Done for the Smooth-bore Gun and mounted onto the right forearm of the kit.

Comparison with the same weapon used by Tieren Ground Type.
The 2 blades are new, but the slots on either side of the turret can be seen on the gun used by the Ground Type as well.

Parts for the special equipments.

Completed components of the special equipments. 2 to be mounted beneath the chest, another one on the left forearm.

Parts for the backpack.
Ball-type polycaps allow the thrusters to be freely adjusted to various angles. ^^

Completely different as compared to the one on the Ground Type. ^^

Parts for the body.

Foil stickers used for the orange parts on the chest. Done much better than the discs on the shoulder shield yesterday.
The design is all the same as the ones on Tieren Ground Type.

The difference with the Ground Type is just the smaller thrusters versus sensor(?) on top of the shoulders.

Almost complete now. ^^

Just 4 parts for the head.

Done for the head.

Very obvious difference as compared to the Ground Type. ^^

Applied the special Russian Bear clear sticker on the shield. ^^

Completely done now. ^^

Attaching the different special equipments onto the kit.

Action poses in the next posting. ^^


Unknown said...

nice work^^.
I wasn't originally into the tieren design,but the space commander type is kinda looking appealing to me.

Ngee Khiong said...


It sure is. The design of the shoulder shield and the unconventional leg is what attracts me about this kit in the first place.

Ken said...

What is the 2 "gas cylinder-thingy" at the legs? gasoline supply for the leg thrusters?

Q said...

@ Ken:
Yea they seem to be propellent tanks, although I did read somewhere that they can be used as shields of some kind (long time ago).

Though I remember NK nicknamed it the "milk bottle", and it got stuck in my head ^^;;;

Ngee Khiong said...


Like Q said, those are indeed propellant tanks on the knee. The fuel used by Tieren Space Type is actually water. ^^