Friday, October 5, 2012

1/144 Zaku Warrior & Slash Zaku Phantom Get

Old, but never forgotten

Even though I wrote about the journey in obtaining a whole bunch of Gunplas and other model kits I always wanted since forever earlier this year, and while plenty much all the top items on my to-get list have been crossed off now, there are still a few super-hard-to-get ones left. These two are on that list of mine, and I'm very happy to be able to cut out another two names with this latest Gunpla purchase.

Zaku Warrior and Slash Zaku Phantom from the 1/144 Gundam SEED Destiny Collection Series.

Released almost eight years ago, this series was the equivalence of the First Grade line for "Gundam Double O" Season 1, or the Advanced Grade series for "Gundam Age". Like those two Gunpla lines, many releases in the Collection Series came out before their High Grade counterparts. But for certain "unfortunate" MS from the show only made it to the Collection Series for a Gunpla kit release. Slash Zaku Phantom would have to be the prime example of this ill luck. ^^; I like Yzak as a character in both "Gundam SEED" and "Gundam SEED Destiny", especially the latter when he did really well as a MS pilot for the limited screen time he was given. ^^; Even though he eventually upgraded to using a Gouf Ignited by the end of the show, I still love his customized Slash Zaku Phantom better. ^^ That light blue and blue color scheme just screams Gouf Custom, which itself is a one of my favorite MSs. ^^ I would love to have a High Grade version of Slash Zaku Phantom, or even better, a 1/100 scale version. Alas, it only came out in this Collection Series for its Gunpla. ^^;

GuAIZ is another ZAFT MS that existed only in this Collection Series for its Gunpla. ^^; If I can find one of that, I'll definitely get it, but it always bugged me as to why it was never given a High Grade version. ^^; Rau Le Creuset piloted one and had a very decent fight with Strike Gundam in one episode I remember. Then again, I'm not going to assume that I know how the planning went in Bandai Hobby Division when deciding what should or should not be produced. I'll stick with what I can get my hands on instead of lamenting about things I can never get.

It's amazing that I can still get these two kits after all these years. ^^ The packages weren't pretty due to rough handling during the shipping process, but everything else is new and fine. ^^ I'm really glad that I managed to get these two kits I always wanted to get. ^^ The place where I got them from has a whole bunch of other Collection Series kits I'm interested in as well. Strangely, somehow it's starting to feel like I'm reliving the eras when "Gundam SEED" and "Gundam SEED Destiny" first began, now when I'm interested in kits which were back then brand new or upcoming releases. ^^

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