Monday, October 22, 2012

Chogokin Cho-gattai King Robot Mickey & Friends


Definitely one of the strangest merchandises ever produced by Bandai as far as I can remember. ^^ I saw bits and pieces of the news last week, but an official press release document put on Bandai's official website today confirms its legitimacy. ^^

This is Chogokin Cho-gattai King Robot Mickey & Friends (超合金 超合体キングロボ ミッキー&フレンズ). ^^ The design really reminds me of Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V gashapon set I reviewed last year, except the main robot is formed from more individual robots, featuring cartoon characters not normally associated with robot or even mecha in general, who are from the world of Disney no less. ^^ I remember Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck been designed into Transformers figures some time ago (as Disney Label Mickey Mouse Trailer and Donald Duck Holiday Vehicle respectively), but gattai is something new. ^^

Looking at the picture, the robot design is really wacky. XD Speaking of wacky, the names given to Mickey and his friends forming this giant robot are pretty amusing as well. XD

(1) Mickey Mouse - Jet Mickey (ジェットミッキー)
(2) Minnie Mouse - Sky Minnie (スカイミニー)
(3) Donald Duck - Diver Donald (ダイバードナルド)
(4) Daisy Duck - Aqua Daisy (アクアデイジー)
(5) Goofy - Goofy Land (ランドグーフィー)
(6) Pluto & his kennel - Dash Pluto & "Inugoya" (ダッシュプルート&イヌゴヤ)
(7) Steamboat Willie - Ace Willie (エースウィリー)

Just like those individual robot units in Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V gashapon set, the names given to Mickey and his friends tell you their specific "roles" in the team. ^^

To me, it's really amazing to seen that for an original design, it's immediately given the "luxurious" Chogokin treatment and release. ^^ Chogokin releases are usually high-end collectibles targeted at a niche market, and the individual figures are pretty small, so I don't see how it's suitable for children. Maybe my perception about the sophistication of kid toys these days, their expectations and more importantly, income level of parents to support their kids' desire for toys is already out of date. ^^;

To quote Danny Glover on this matter, "I'm too old for this s***" ^^;

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

More images of this Chogokin robot will be available this weekends when the item is put on display at Tamashii Nations' annual exhibition called "Tamashii Nation", to be held at Akihabara UDX.

Chogokin Cho-gattai King Robot Mickey & Friends will come in late March next year at 13,440 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Tamashii Nations. Release info is from Bandai's official website (link to specific press release document in pdf).

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