Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lego Adventure: Technic Tracked Crane Part 2

Put on some weight, junior!

More images of the just completed Lego Technic No. 9391 Tracked Crane.

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

The small size of this Lego Technic model is quite apparent - just one posting and it's done. ^^ But instead of calling it small, I think 'compact' would be a better word, because despite its size, it can mimic pretty much all the major functions on an actual tracked crane, and it's tremendously fun. ^^ The construction was simple and straight-forward, and I really enjoyed assembling components like the tracks and auxiliary hoist, which featured new Lego parts for me. ^^

A "summary of all its gimmicks:

Video clip showing all the gimmicks of Tracked Crane.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

The total length of the crane with the boom extended and lowered can go up till 26cm. ^^

The total height of the crane with the boom extended and raised can go up till 29cm. ^^

Giving the crane some extra weight to lift ^^

No problem.
The brick block used is assembled from No. 5529 Basic Brick Sets.

Greater weight challenge issued. ^^

No problem as well! ^^

The thread with its end secured using superglue is working really hard to sustain the weight of the brick block there. ^^

However, if the boom is lowered, the crane itself will be lifted by the brick block. XD

Being a construction/weight lifting vehicle, Technic No. 8045 Mini Telehandler is a great model to compliment Tracked Crane. ^^

Not just for display, the two looks like they can work together very well too. ^^

With Transformers Prime's Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee.

Arcee looks like she's having trouble coming down from the hook. XD

It's good to see that Arcee's hand can fit onto the handle part well, or else this snapshot will never happen. ^^

Among its gimmicks, my favorite would have to be the tracks. ^^ They can move very smoothly, and it's very interesting seeing all the individual caterpillar pieces move together for the entire track to move. ^^ I like how the crane is capable of lifting a lot of weight (as long as the boom is raised to balance the entire body) as seen in some of the earlier images. ^^

I really like this Lego model. ^^ As mentioned before, it's very simple to build but the assembly is very fun. It's a very fun model to play with too, with the movable tracks and weightlifting capability being the most enjoyable gimmicks to me. ^^

Will try out the alternate model of this set, a mini bulldozer in the future. ^^

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