Tuesday, October 16, 2012

S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form Part 3

Extra wings, extra joints

A look at S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form's articulation after the previous posting. ^^


Tilting the head upward (middle image) and downward (right image) is very easy, but the effect is not obvious to see. ^^;

Horizontal tilt is not a problem at all for the head.

Pretty wide expansion range for the shoulders on such a small figure I would say.

The upper arm moves separately from the shoulder joint, and the elbow is capable of a 90-degree bend.

The shoulder joints also allow the arms to move to the front and to the back.

The shoulder armor is attached to the body via a small ball-type joint, so it's capable of very flexible movement.

The aforementioned ball-type joint to mount the shoulder mount.

Side-to-side bend is very easy with the upper body.

The upper body also bends forward and rearward.

Standard expansion for the hip joints.

The hip and thigh joints are separated as you can see, thus allowing easy adjustments for the thighs, even extreme ones like that shown in the right image. ^^

Bending the thigh backward is unfortunately limited by the large side armors that would end up colliding with the hip. ^^;

Standard articulation range for the knee I would say.

Unlike Garo Kiwami Damashii Garo and Dan, Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form has a hinge joint for his ankle joint, which gives him the equivalence of unrestricted ankle movement as compared to those two Garo Kiwami Damashii figures. ^^

This extremely pose would not be possible with Garo Kiwami Damashii Garo and Dan. ^^;

Regardless of having standard knee joints and excellent ankle joints, the kneeling pose is pretty bad (no) thanks to the thigh armor which puts restriction on how much the leg can be bent for this pose. ^^;

The wings have their own set of movements.
As seen here, they can be retracted or expanded.

The wings are individually movable, and they are bound together via thumbtack-like screws.

"R1" and "L1" are molded on the parts, but I believe they are meant for the workers when assembling the figure and not the customers. ^^

A peg joint connects the wings to the back of the figure, allowing the entire component to be lifted or lowered.

The wings' peg joint is the largest single joint on this figure, and perhaps collectively for Garo Kiwami Damashii Garo and Dan as well. ^^ As a result of having that joint, a huge round slot exists on the back of the figure. ^^;

Garo Kiwami Damashii Dan has better articulation design than Garo, but there's no doubt to me that Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form does much better than the two of them. ^^ Except for its small size, it's just like an average sized action figure since it has pretty much all the joints, and perhaps more with the separated hip and thigh joint design. ^^ With those six individually movable wings adding on to the fun, I'm sure this figure is capable of performing tons of action poses. ^^

More action poses of S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form coming up in the next posting. ^^

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